Monday, March 30

I guess I'll update.

I have some announcements...

Okay, that's an overstatement. But no matter, I'd like to proclaim my freedom. After 3 long years, I am no longer preparing for a color guard competition. 0_o I'm... done. Done done. Our last competition was Saturday (12 long hours of fun, I'm sure.) We got 2nd out of 4 in our division, and now all that's left this year is duet season. Basically we draw names, get into groups, and make up our own routines. SO if you're curious and want to come see us perform (both duets and our regular show) then let me know and I'll tell you when our final performance night is! Should be fun. And it's at the high school, so you won't have to go driving into
some random place out some random way... (northbound going north and such.)

Uh... What else?

I ate breakfast at 6:00! Those of you who know me personally understand what a feat that is...

On to April and it's impending doom. Important dates? April 4th, 20th, 22nd, 23rd...

Friday, March 20

Web Design

Not much to say this weekend, honest. I'm a bit sad about the whole "choir tour" thing (I could be in California right now if I had the incentive to pay for it.) But it's not really fair for me to be since, you know, it was my choice. So I'll not whine about that any more. Besides that point, HANNAH is here so I got to go talk with her and her mum last night and look at pictures. I miss good times...

Today I'm writing about my Web Design class.

This is my first flash movie. Ever. It sucks so bad, (so don't judge me. I KNOW it sucks.) I did all of it with no help from the teacher except when she basically told us how to run a few basic elements of it. Hopefully more to come, because despite everyone's warnings that flash sucks, I enjoyed it immensely.

I hate that happy balloon. It represents everything I couldn't figure out how to do by myself.

Anyways, web design is exceptional. Not really because I'm learning a TON (because I'm not really, to be honest) but because it's an hour and a half of usually free computer time with some pretty awesome programs and experience.

I'll be honest, though. I hate being taught how to use computers. It's tedious and disparaging in every way. Mostly because it's very SLOW while EVERYONE in the class figures out how to do it/is shown specifically by Mrs. White, but also just because my class this year seems to be made up of some of the crudest white-trash individuals I've had the lovely chance to encounter for long periods of time. I hear more trash-talk in that class than anywhere else in campus- which is saying a lot.

The Photoshop section is fun, though... simply because of my job with Cedar Fort before, I know a ton about Photoshop - not in any good order, but at complete random. The school has a graphics folder of hundreds of random pictures from all over the place of most anything - all free for use. It's fun to just load them on and fiddle with them... There are a ton of castle pictures I am most excited to use. I put them all on my flash drive. :D

Second on my list of weekly news, I got to go watch the Envision World Guard practice last night (courtesy of Kim) and I have one reaction: They are awesome. I want to work at a professional level soooo bad...
I guess we'll see what I do when I approach the opportunity, eh? I'm really curious. Those of you who have seen my guard perform, that's NOTHING. Here's Envisions show this year... at some point. They make a lot of changes all the time, so it's very different now from what this movie shows:

It's about a girl who is dying of cancer. Pretty awesome.

Well, yes... that's my first real blog ever (last week didn't count.) I feel kind of retarded.

So... yep.

Thursday, March 12


I just got back from Los Hermanos (never eaten there before, either. I'm so... illiterate in restaurant terms...) Delightful, I have to say. I have this obsession with big rooms with windows and crazy plants. So, needless to say, I enjoyed it immensely.

Why did I get on here again?

Oh, yes, because I can't go to bed yet. I just have a question for the three or maybe four people who will read this: does anyone else have an OCD nature with their laundry? That it has to IMMEDATELY be removed from the dryer? (Like some clothing-care tags say... demanding pieces of work...)

Thought not. Well, I do. So I'm staying up and playing with my various internet habituals. (Facebook, Deviantart, Gmail, and now, yes, Blogger.) Soon my laundry will be done, however, so I can climb off the compy, get back to my regular lifestyle (which is, to say, to bed at 9:30, alseep at 12:00, awake at 5:00, to school by 6:00.) On to work or physics or the lovely random personal-choir practices which no one will do unless they aren't actually needed.

Stupid people.

Ok, I'm setting myself some rules for this blog.
1) Do not post after 10. (I'm beginning to see the dangers.)
2) Do not swear. (Despite continual temptation.)
3) Do not mention Greg. (That gets old SO fast, people. I'm sorry, but if I touch on it I'll go on for ages.)
4) Try to be nice. About people. Who will never read these posts.


On second thought....

Nvm, my laundry is done. Now I can fold it, read PMG, and enter into my precious five hours of sleep.

Wednesday, March 11


I was... really bored... playing around on the Internet with time I didn't have (what ELSE would I be doing?) and I found out that a freakin TON of people I know have blogs! So I decided to start one. Not because I expect to be able to say anything important, but because I'd like an excuse to get on here and see whats going on with people I haven't spoken to for ages. (You know who you are- and I'm sorry I'm always so distant.)

So... I guess here goes?