Sunday, April 26


So what do you do when you know what you want but you don't know what you want so you can't decide what you want or what you SHOULDN'T want or what you actually want?

Or then you know that what you SHOULD want isn't what you want right now because right now you want what you shouldn't want because it's what you want but you shouldn't want it? Or perhaps what you truly want isn't available right now, but you can't be sure it's what you truly want because it's what you want but right now you want something that may or may not be positively what you want because you only want it right now because you want it?

And then... what you want... and what you wanted... may not be what you will want at all...


Tuesday, April 21

Spring Break...?

I wish I was... somewhat competent with other people. It's unfortuate, but I'm entirely unable to socialize in a reasonable manner. *cry*

Anyways, not much to say. This was... uh... the WEIRDEST spring break I've ever had. Ever. It started out okay, and ended in absolute frustration/confusion/what have you. No worries, though. I've changed.

It's already behind me.

Sunday, April 12

Easter Morning

The sun has brokenthrough yesterday's rain to reveal shining streets and dew-strewn leaves - weeping, I could imagine, for joy in the merciful atoning sacrifice/renewal this day commemorates...

For those of you who, like me, have difficulty focusing any day towards something specific, remember truly what this day is for - and the means through which you can continue to hope.

I woke up early this morning to take pictures and watch the sunrise. As I watched it rise/examined the new leaves coming on my trees and the flowers just beginning to appear - the earth has to know what day it is.

Happy Easter!

Friday, April 10

Talent Show

Today was the talent show. 0_o

Much fun. Disclaimer, I didn't choose to wear a little pink dress. It was cruelly forced upon me.

Otherwise, I dropped my rifle during the performance for like... the first time ever. Very frustrating. But that's how it goes? At least it's Friday and by Monday I won't have people congratulating me on a performance that frustrated me immensely. What can you do?

It was fun to perform for the school, all things considered. Besides, I'm leaving in two months. It DOESN'T MATTER anymore. Otherwise, life is good. :) Tonight I'm going to go join my fellow Thugs in editing our fan-fic style crazy story. Happy Easter!