Sunday, May 31


So... I just realized it's May 31- and I haven't put out four posts in May. Crimany! (However you spell that. It's not a word I usually type. :s) Starting next month I'll hopefully start actually posting... ah... interesting... or not so much interesting as less pointless information. This isn't a really inconsistent journal, although I'm turning it into one. :D Anyways, I'm off to Cedar City... whoot.

Oh, and I'm GRADUATED! :D

Monday, May 25

Just because...

I. WTF Graduation?
A. Now that we're done does anyone else feel like everything's underwater?
B. The robes are growing on me. With the honors ropes... ("primary colors are 1,2,3...")
C. I still can't sleep in. Even now with no school or obligations besides work in the evening...
D. Everyone at once! Awwwwwwwww... yes, I designed it myself. ;) How unprofessional of me...

II. School?
A. I officially unofficially picked my first major! :D Near Ancient Eastern Studies. I was contemplating Middle Eastern so I could work with the gov't, but I still can't decide. We'll see.
B. I found out how to use MyMAP and am having a great time deciding all the courses I'll be taking for the next four years. (Uhm... subject to change...)
C. My latest aspiration is to do Study Abroad in Jerusalem. Wish me luck!

III. Other...

Now I'll just type, as uzh. Life is pretty crazy at this point. I realized something... odd the other day as I was writing Logan a note. I've never NEVER felt like I belonged in our class. Ever since sophomore year (and the whole Ric-Greg-Hannah-Etc senior fiasco) I've felt like I should have graduated forever ago and I've just hung around for kicks.

Pretty sad... when you think about it. So if I've ever been distant or cold to ANYONE in my grade, I'm sorry. :( I've really just felt separated from everyone. Don't ask me how or why... Maybe now I can get past that and start talking to people again. ;)

Uhm... oh! I made BYU Color Guard! :D Look for me at the football games (or don't even try cuz BYU band is HUGE and will be an odd experience for a guardie who's never been on a team bigger than 11 people and never been in a band bigger than however many we had two years ago...
No real thoughts today, sorry peeps. Just basic news.

Oh, yeah...

pitatewer [pee-tuh-toor]


1. My blog.

2. A word that is very fun to say.


3. when the mind has reached it's creative limit, it turns to most unexpected sources.

4. Boys A: think to hard, B: have too much time on their disposal, and C: too many sources.


5. to frustrate.

6. to amuse oneself thoroughly with being frustrating.

7. to play something up too much.

Origin: Over my dead, cold, withered corpse.

Thursday, May 7


I got my graduation robes today. Yep. Pretty cool. I like the tassel.

Anyways, due to the nature of the shoulder-padding in the thing, I've decided to pretend to be a guy for my graduation. I'll do my hair right, strap myself down a bit and wear appropriate shoes.

No one will know the difference. :D

I don't really have much to say. I'm looking for a new job, if anyone has any ideas. I need something to keep me busy this summer...