Wednesday, July 29

Update on The Life of Beth

Apologies to anyone who tried/wanted to comment and couldn't. :( I wasn't aware of the retarded nature of my blog.

THAT SAID, I have some good, great, WONDERFUL news! Peter Jackson has acquired the option for the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik!!

Doubtless, no one but me is excited at this prospect, but I'm WAY excited. If you like books that I like maybe you should try reading them. :)

Also, I got into a class I'd been looking at for some time, so I am now in all but one of the classes I wanted to be in!

And I move out in a month. 0_o

And I'm kind of frightened - particularly since I can't get a better job than Zubs. But oh well...

And M.B. starts on the 22nd!! I'm both horrified and delighted... I guess if you've done marching band you understand me completely...

And... yes. That's all I can think of. Sorry to be boring! Life is AMAZING. If you're ever bored call me and we'll get food or something.

Saturday, July 18

Vector Marketing Pt 2... kind of.

Okay, I don't want to go into detail. I ended up quitting cuz I found out (from various previously mentioned sources) that while not a scam or anything, the job required a LOT of work that I will be unable to give. :( So....

back to the drawing board.

Anyways, this week has been really bad. And really good. :) I've registered for classes for BYU... which means over the next few weeks I'll be frantically searching the site to find classes I'd RATHER take and refining my bloated schedule. Ah, me. I hate being a freshman. :( Mostly because of the low priority date, but I know that'll all change. On the upside, after this semester I'll be a sophomore if I pass my classes! (Which... you know... we can only hope. ;)

Anyways, today I volunteered at the art museum. Pretty much awesome, because I just sit and read... AND help the community at the same time! So the quilt show is up... which, honestly, it's the coolest thing ever. People really do some amazing stuff, so if you get a chance run down and look at them. But that's not why I bring this up. I was amiably walking around when I came face to face with, yes, a TWILIGHT quilt.

Now I'm not going in to detail or a "DEATH TO TWILIGHT" spree here. I try not to do things like that in front of civilized company. But I was... quite put out, I'll be honest. Twilight is leaking into EVERYTHING.

For those of you who share my confusion at the utter adoration everyone seems to feel, here are some comics for you. :) (none by me, sorry.)

and a post I love. :)

And many more where these came from. :) I like people.

Anyways, sorry this post doesn't go anywhere...

Sunday, July 12

Vector Marketing Pt 1

Okay, so this last week was quite an experience. I got a job...
... and quit it.

I'd been searching for quite some time (try... all of June) for a job. Applied at probably 40 different places by now, clinging angstily to the byu jobs site and applying for everything I had even the slightest aptitude for.


So, quite desperate, I finally turned to the job that I had seen some months ago on a poster in the high school counseling office. Being the... slightly more than enclosed personality I am, I figured it wasn't a good idea. But with a lack of better ones, finally I gave in and applied to interview at Vector Marketing.

So I called them, got an interview time, dressed up snazzy-like, and went in for this interview. I walked into a small room to fill out an info-sheet, and was immediately accosted by a frightening realization.

I didn't belong there. The room was already full of perhaps 15 or so 21-year-old men. I gaped for a second, and then fell immediately into a chair across from the door next to "Joseph" and another young man who looked as though he'd just climbed off the plane after his mission and was horrified to find himself next to a girl. (You know the 'missionary' look? Both my brothers had it for a little bit.) So we filled out the sheets and then our "manager" came in to explain interview procedure.

The interview proceeded as usual. We all went in groups of five to give him our information sheets, and give him an idea of what we were looking for. Then we all went back into the room and he gave us a group presentation of what we'd be doing. Basically you get referrals, call and set up appointments, go to these appointments, and try to sell them knives. But... really REALLY nice and expensive Cutco knives. (I didn't know this.)

Then they got everyone all HYPED about selling these knives. (Sales companies are really good at this "hype" thing, I've come to realize.) He started to show us the paychecks of some of the past/present employees of the area. (Averaging $400 a week...) Then we got called back one by one to talk directly to him and get an idea of whether or not we'd get a place on the team. I was one of the last to be called back, and he fixed me with one of those quirky smiles girls seem to die for and Edward Cullen seems to be famous for as well, and said that he wasn't quite sure about me yet, and he'd call within an hour.

So I shrugged, called for a ride, climbed into my family van and raced back to Springville so I could be BARELY in time for my second job at Zubs. Sometime during the shift, my cell started to buzz, so I ran back into the storage room and took the call.

Basically... I got the job. I was delighted, politely told him so, wrote down the training dates and times, and hung up feeling tingly with excitement.

I. Had. A. Job. After a MONTH of searching, I'd finally placed one. Not only that, it was a marketing job with a guaranteed rate of $14.00 an hour, regardless of whether anything is sold, and if anything IS sold, the employee gets commission if it's higher than the base pay. It sounded too good to be true. And nothing could stand in my way now. I'd worked hard for this job, I was going to make the most of it - whether or not I had any skill with marketing.

I'll finish when I have more computer time. If you're DYING to know what happened, here's a teaser...