Monday, September 28

Marching Band

Hmm. :)

After who knows how much sweat, blood, and tears, I finally experienced the "payback" for marching band.

Every time I feel like it's not worth it. With each whack in the head, each reprimand, each new sunburn, I feel like I'm just torturing myself for nothing. Then game day comes. I spend a half hour trying to glue fake eyelashes on and caking dark whore-worthy amounts of makeup onto my poor face. I climb into a tight, HOT uniform made partially of velvet and walk over to the stadium to practice in 90+ degree weather. Mess up, feel frustrated, and just as a sun-glare headache starts to grow behind my eyes, we pile up all of our equipment and lug it over to the stadium. We are called to attention - which means we cannot move our eyes from the location directly in front of us. We must smile - like we mean it. We must have good posture, proclaiming our pride with our stature. The only thing on our minds must be our purpose in the band.

All the while my brain is trying to argue sensibly with the rest of me, telling me it's worth it. I can't quite remember why.

We march out to the field, ignoring the insults of the opposing team and the sarcastic comments of sleazy boys standing in groups around the area.

We set. Are called to attention.

And the drums start...

And as the crowd swells to a roar, the trumpets blast their fanfare into the crowd behind us, our voices rise in the cougar cheer...

I remember.

Anyways, it's thrilling. It really is. I can't explain or justify myself. :) I shall not try.

Today I realized why I feel so anxious.
Everything is going perfectly. Like... there is no aspect of my life right now that is worth frustration or worry.

That usually means a storm to come...

Sunday, September 13

Actual post?...

Okay, so everyone's doing a nice low-down of their beginnings-of-college experience... so I guess I'll surface and barf up my own analysis of college. First for a few "first thoughts that occur to me after the first two weeks" facts.

Fact #1
Professors aren't going to tell you all the assignments you're supposed to do. They hide them. Hide them in blackboard, in your syllabus, etc etc etc. And suddenly they're asking about it and everyone around you is pulling out the completed 6 page analysis of who knows what and you're sinking into your desk thinking: "Not again..."

Fact #2
I am being treated like a teenager.

Sorry it's true. :P But I guess that's what I get for doing on-campus housing...

Fact #3
The honor code is every bit as cool as it sounds like it should be. :D

Fact #4
I still prefer having every second of my day scheduled than to sit at my house and wonder amiably what I'm supposed to do.

Anyways, I'm studying (like many of you know) Ancient Near Eastern Studies. This is quickly becoming my favorite subject EVER. I barely knew what it was when I picked it out to be honest. But I felt good about it then and I feel great about it now!

So, yes, it's a whole new bowl of oatmeal but I'm adjusting to the fantastic work load and loving every minute of it (even though Erin will tell you my life sucks because I keep groaning that when I survey my next assignment.) But it really is awesome and I love BYU regardless of what I've previously thought or heard.

Also, I'm performing in the game against Florida on Saturday!! :D Look for me in the color guard!