Sunday, February 21


Just for fun, I'm going to list foods that I actually eat on a regular basis! The times I try recipes are not really normal - and it's always nice to have a hearty meal. However, my true diet subsists of:

Plain Cottage Cheese
Plain Yoghurt
Honey on Toast
Alfredo Sauce on Spaghetti squash
Spinach leaves and Dressing.
Granola Bars
Cans of soup
Random cereal
Egg Whites

Notice the deficiency of vegetables. Hopefully this can be improved with my new policy of drinking tomato juice each day with cayenne pepper in it. Yay!


That is all.

Saturday, February 20

Chicken Soup with Lentils and Barley

Or rather... lentils and barley with chicken soup. (Of course... being as I like lentils and barley, I added twice as many as usual, lol.) Anyhow, this has probably been my favorite so far! Recipe courtesy of Amy. And, surprisingly, there were no incidents besides... naturally... I smoked the house out again.

Anyways, delicious soup! A note on my personal life, today I did construction with "Habitat for Humanity" - which was surprisingly fun - if FREEZING. (I'm eating soup and trying to warm up my pathetic fingers.) I think I'll do it more often! They are good skills to have, and I've no trouble of picking up RMs, right? Everyone who does construction likes country. ;) Jk, jk...

But really. I don't think I could deal with that for eternity.


If that isn't... sacrilegious or summat?

Heh. I'd better end this post.

Oh, and p.s. I kind of... have changed my plans. I might take everything a lot slower. I've decided to "plan" on a mission - and I won't want to wait till I graduate. (When I say "plan" I mean save my money and take prep classes, etc. Not... PLAN on it.) Besides, it's college! I need to chill out a bit... get involved in my life.

Saturday, February 13


In defense of my post - two posts ago- I don't want to get married.

Not right now.

Not any time soon.

Is that a sin?

Thursday, February 11

Another Gone

Okay, I digress, this blog is going to be used for a few different things, contrary to my previous idea. Today I'd like to explain "what exactly I intend to do with my life" and ask for my reader's opinions on the idea of me going on a mission.

To be blunt. *cough*

I've officially changed my major to LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT! :) I get a lot a shocked looks and confused expressions at this because, I guess, everyone expected me to become a lawyer. Or a doctor. Or something else... with prestige.

I have something to say to you people. I'm NOT smart. I've managed to put on a good face so far, taking high classes, and learning analytical skills. But in reality, the punchline is that I love to work with my hands and I love to be artistic. Simple as that. And it's hard to compare such things to the more popular, "traditional" majors that a college student is associated with. But here I go. (That probably offended all of you. Suffice to say, I can't really explain what I meant so there.)

I'm also attempting to take spring/summer classes as well. (You ALL knew I liked school enough to go year round, and I won't deny that.) So, if all goes according to plan, I should be graduated in Spring of 2012.

Which brings me to my second point. In April of 2012, I will officially be 21 and four months. Old enough to go on a mission - something that I have thought of with vigor and fondness for a long time. I don't just consider it to be an absentminded idea for the future, I really truly want to go out into the world and tell others about this church.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a severe unliklihood that I will manage such a thing. Especially considering that I will have, not one, but TWO missionaries returned before I reach the point I mentioned above. Statistically, I have no hope of going on a mission because I will (WILL) be married. Any thoughts? I know I keep bringing this up, and everyone I know gives me a sorry look and says I'd best wait and see what happens. In fact... I suppose there's no point to ask for advice. That is all I CAN do. I just need to pray for the patience...