Wednesday, March 31

My Other Half

Does anyone else ever feel incomplete when they eat one slice of toast?

There are two slots for a reason...

Tuesday, March 30


Isn't it odd... that when a man of high credential is being introduced... he doesn't react? His life is listed off in a rather honorable and thorough manner... and his eyebrows don't move. His eyes don't show any recognition whatsoever. He could be listening to another man's life. Why is this? When you go through enough... perhaps you finally realize that you cannot attain true significance in a world such as this. All we can do is affect the few we get the opportunity to reach in this life and work to better the insignificant sphere in which we reside. Yet what a high calling that remains...

Monday, March 22

Signs that I belong in BYU...

I really don't.

For example: here is a description of an occurrence which - in retrospect - is really really stupid.

*doing dishes, turns on the water in the sink to it's hottest point (something necessary in most homes to get warm water to find it's way up the faucet) and - upon it immediately reaching a scorching temperature, pulling hand away with a sharp, dramatic intake of breath and a muttered curse. After a moment of thought, turns water to a cooler temperature, rinses off a few dishes, and then turns it off (a conservative habit) to dry the now clean dishes. Reaches over, turns the water again and immediately pulls hand back with another curse upon scorching hand. Turns water to very cold temperature so as to nurse hands back to working condition, rises off dishes, turns water off, dries dishes. Turns water on again. Scorches hands. Curses and wonders amiably about writing a blog post because she feels silly, as she rinses off some more dishes, turns off the sink, and dries the now-clean dishes. As she is pondering this, she reaches over, turns on the water to it's hottest point, and plunges hands again forth only to pull back with a sharp cry at the much-deserved scorching.*

This happens six times.

Anyone want to argue with the fact that I am pre-maturely reaching senility?

Stupid Wyview having a decent water system...

*sigh* Best stop procrastinating.

Saturday, March 6

Banana Bread

Sugar free! Yes, for those of you who have talked to me about this before, I am intending to drop sugar except for on Sundays (which, let's face it, everything should have a calorie count of 0 on Sunday.) And, for those of you who have seen me going at the chocolate chips in my freezer or the sour patch kids Matt brought to Zubs (*glare*), you know this is going to be and is especially hard for me. There's always tomorrow, right?

Anyways, we made banana bread and it was AMAZING (attested to the fact that Erin, Amy, and I ate the loaf in one sitting. Can anyone say "college girls"?) But... yes. Sugar and (almost) fat free! I was pleased. I AM trying to be healthy, despite all evidence to the contrary. (*Continues to munch thoughtfully on the walnut crusted brownie in hand*)

In other news... oh wait, there are no other news. Because it's March. :( No offense, but March is like... my least favorite month. I mean, think about it:

Jan - New year, resolutions, new classes
Feb - Presidents day (no school.)
April - Andy's birthday and General Conference and Easter!!
May - School out! (at least in secondary school... We'll see if this month maintains it's good feelings this year...)
June - Will's birthday and the peak of not-grossly-hot summer
July - The 4th. Fire. :D Not to mention the birthdays of BOTH my parents and Moroni Bubble Boy John.
August - New classes, band camp, autumn beginsish

Okay, never mind. I just had an epiphany and I remembered what I like about March. :) It's September I can't stand. Who enjoys the start of fall semester? Anyone? I mean, sure, it's fun for the first three days... but then it's like - oh suck. I want to go camping, but NOOO...

Anyways, about MARCH... I love the weather. :D I mean, for real. In any given day:


The weather is hilarious. :D And the people from outside of Utah even more so. So... I guess I like March well enough.... though school is going to kill me.

Anyways. Sorry this post is so long and makes so little sense. I should stop staying up late and eating brownies.
p.s. I didn't explain the awesome of October, November, and December. But do I need to? Really? I was born in December, for one.... ;)