Thursday, April 29

Hi again...

Well aren't I disappointing. Greatest apologies for never updating - again. I find it difficult to rate anything I do as being "worth writing about" - and as to cooking exploits... the most dramatic of my recent cooking attempts being moose pasta with basil and parmesan cheese on it. (Which was really good - and for the record, don't ever drop pasta on a carpeted floor. If you're in a girl's room you will discover immediately how much hair there really is hidden within the depths...) Anyways... uh... yes! New semester started. Can't say I'm utterly pleased with my classes, but nothing seems utterly painful so I'm in for a good time I think. :) And so it goes...

Wednesday, April 21

My only insight on the Beatles. Ever.

There is a man who "echoes" random lines in the Beatles song "The Yellow Submarine." Who is this man? And why doesn't he do that in ALL the Beatles songs?

"And when I touch you I feel happy"


"Elanor Rigby picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been"
"wedding has been!"
"Lives in a dream. Waits at the window wearing a face that she keeps in a jar by the door"
"by the dooor!"
"Who is it for?"


"Hey Jude don't make it bad"
"don't make it bad!"
"Take a sad song and make it better"
"make it beeeetter!"


"Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away"
"far away!"

Just wondering. :D

P.S. Finals went very well! very well! Now on to Spring and nine credits. nine credits! *crosses fingers*

Thursday, April 8

I guess...?

One final exam down.... six to go. :) (Today was Jazz Dance.) And I discovered today that I - in fact - can't really dance after all. ;) Oh well. On to my next phase.

p.s. I'm just posting to prove that I can. Or something. Or that I exist? Here come finals - I'll cya on the other side...

Oh, Erin, this book is for you!!

Sunday, April 4

Sorry, Random Thought.

What is a righteous desire? If I sit alone in a room with mid-day glazed gray light filtering through the windows, and I let my mind wander, as I am now, I feel a distant longing - how can it be described? Deep down we all just want to go home... Does anyone else have a "happy place"? A mental situation which brings peace that you can feel - just beyond your grasp - if you let your mind wander? (If you couldn't tell, mine usually involves rain. ;) Regardless, I have to wonder why something is so embedded within me...