Wednesday, June 23

June 23rd

"Yes, all students are required to follow the honor code," the tour guide said with a gallant smile. The others crowded on the little white carriage car smiled as well, feeling encouraged by the beautiful things they were seeing on the BYU campus. Mrs. Darling sighed contentedly. Surely this was the perfect place for Bobby... particularly as he prepared for his mission. The landscaping was beautiful, the buildings were pristine, and the students and professors seemed to be perfect. Suddenly her husband had a quick intake of breath.

"Excuse me," he said, clearing his throat, "What is that?" He gestured across the way from the statue garden they were admiring, and everyone turned to look. A young, badly dressed, scruffy looking girl trudged by, grunting as she pulled a small squeaky cart laden with many packages. Her clothes were rather unkempt, her hair had clearly been entirely disregarded that morning, and she was only wearing one flip-flop, displaying unsightly, blackish, un-manicured feet. The bare foot seemed to be bleeding. She glanced up, gave them a goofy grin, and continued on, singing something under her breath that sounded like: "Just to make sure you don't drown..."

Silence followed the encounter as she squeaked up the walk and out of sight. Both the Darlings - and everyone else on the carriage - were horrified. They turned to look at the tour guide, who could only stare open-mouthed after the scene.

The tour ended early.

Monday, June 14

Probably The Most Pointless Post I've Written Ever

I'm blue. If I were green... I would die. If I were green I would die. If I were green I would die.

I'm green. If I were red I'd be dead. If I were red I'd be dead. If I were red I'd be dead.

I'm red. If I were brown I would drown. If I were brown I would drown if I were brown I would drown.

I'm brown. If I were black...

... Oh wait. :)