Tuesday, August 31

More Time Now...

Alright, seeing as now I don't have an assignment hanging over my head and I have a bit of free time before Erin comes out, I'll write an actual post.  About... something of consequence I'm sure.  This just serves to exemplify my early senility - I had a driving, interesting thing to talk about when I started this post.

Well.  This is embarrassing.  I guess I'll just make a confession.

Yes, Erin, I just lied to you.  As I came in to find you confidently preparing to have your blood drawn, I felt little else than terror.  The idea of waiting in that room with you brought nausea almost instantaneously, and I made a lame excuse to quickly escape.

Backing up, many of you heard me (in past times) proclaim loudly and happily that I couldn't wait until I was able to give blood.  When I was younger, it was something my mum did and I felt encouraged to follow her example.  Besides, the whole concept sounded cool and was for a good cause.  This attitude was maintained until my senior year, when we finally became old enough and signed up immediately to do so.  I was lined up and everything - putting in my paperwork, and on the threshold I was denied - for a cold.

I was pretty upset, but oh well, I could always do it again the next time, right?

SO, I eagerly awaited the next chance we'd receive.  During this in-between period, however, I had a rather... crazy experience in a NICU... and since then... I'm unable to handle needles.  Particularly in other people.

Don't ask me what happened, because I'm not quite sure.  One minute I'm bursting with confidence, and the next I get utterly, completely wasted at the concept of giving blood or anything of the sort.

SO, Erin, I didn't actually need to go to the library.  I needed to leave because the mere fact that the woman next to you had a needle in her arm was going to make me faint.  That is also why I was hovering outside the door previously, hoping you were almost done and I wouldn't have to go in.

Perhaps someday you and Grosland can coax me in, but I feel utterly certain that I will pass out if I try.

We shall see...

Tuesday, August 17


Today my turtle bit the hand that feeds him.