Monday, September 27


Please please please please can it be fall? I want rainy days and brisk afternoons...

Friday, September 17

Things I learned in college #3

Hour breaks that occur between classes will a) be full of good intentions and b) benefit you nothing whatsoever except to waste an hour or so of your day.

As for today,
I went running for the first time in ages yesterday (on a treadmill). I went for 20 minutes straight at 4-5 MPH (for those of you who know me and running, that's crazy amazing.)

Now I'm dealing with after effects of lactic acid and the soreness in my hips is causing me to walk like a pregnant woman. (Could I have stumbled on a new way to keep RMs away?)

Thursday, September 16

Things I learned in college #2

No matter how successful you get, or how spiritual you are, there will always be someone (or, rather, several someones) ahead of you. And you will probably dislike them on a superficial level. Even if they are your best friend. After many years I've decided that this doesn't make you a sinner. ;)

In light of this, yesterday I basically stole a plant (with permission) from a professor and I sang loudly the whole way home with a huge grin on my face. I've decided that plants are pretty much the best. I can't wait to understand them. :)

Wednesday, September 15

Things I learned in college #1

If you feel like you don't have enough homework, you've probably forgotten a project or paper due tomorrow.

If you feel like you have too much homework, your teacher will probably alleviate it AFTER you've crammed it all in.  But only after.

Tuesday, September 14

Looks Familiar. Education, anyone?

I found this.  It actually details a machine failure or summat more or less unapplicable to my life.  But as I looked at it, I felt as though I knew EXACTLY what this *could* be depicting.

And it's only been two weeks... *headdesk*

Thursday, September 2

Dear Readers

It has come to my attention (again) that I'm not able to receive blog comments anymore.  Who knows what has caused this, but as a test, could everyone comment with their favorite Harry Potter quote/idea/character/object/whatevs so I can figure out what the problem is?  Thanks!