Friday, October 15


I walked irritably out of the RB, thinking only of getting to my car and getting to the temple (being on a bit of a time crunch.) I approached the parking lot and, crossing the cross walk, found myself confronted by a young woman in a car. She rolled down her window quickly.
"Are you parked over here?" she asked hurriedly.
Sod off, vulture.
"Yeah, somewhere," I ventured with a shrug.
If you follow me I'll attack your car with my metal ruler.
"Excellent! Could I follow you and take your spot?"
The fact that you're even asking me this is despicable. Go fight for it like all those other blockheads speeding around. The last time someone followed me I hit their car with mine. Is that what you want?
"Yeah. It might take me a second to find, though," I said with a small smile. "It's a white prizm, and I'm afraid I forgot to check it's location when I parked it."
"Oh that's fine," she smiled sweetly back.
"It'll just be a second." I turned away and started stalking through the rows, still trying to hurry, and vividly aware that the whole time she is following me in her car. After a minute of fruitless searching in the first two rows, I'm feeling a bid red and all to aware that - not only is she following me, there is a young man behind her.
After another minute I turn helplessly to her.
"I have no idea where it is-"
Maybe if I didn't have you leeching along behind me I could concentrate long enough to remember where I parked. As it is, I feel like a total moron and my panic is only serving to throw me off.
"Oh that's fine, get in, we'll drive around and look faster."
"Oh thanks!"
Why didn't you offer before...?
I climb in and we drive down two more rows before I remember that I'm parked around the corner near the soccer fields.
"Sorry! I'm so retarded-" I laugh.
Naturally, I can only imagine that I wouldn't have been so absent-minded if you hadn't irritated me so much-
"No problem. I'll cya around!" she said with a shrug. Not looking so pleasant as before.
Pfff. I climb out of the car, dropping an assortment of the things I was carrying. Two cars are waiting behind hers. I run over to my car, fruitlessly search my backpack for my keys. It'll be another three minutes before I'm able to get loaded up and pull out.
I don't hit her car. Luckily. I know better now when I'm pulling out that people like to wait two feet or so from your car so no one will sweep in last second.
I also lost one of my shoes. Possibly when I climbed out of her car or at some other point. I didn't notice.
And, yes, at the temple I feel fully and completely terrible for the whole experience.
Why can't I be positive and charitable? ;)

Sunday, October 10


Sure, Bonzai.  Banzai looks Japanese or something.  Bonzai makes me think of Bonbons.  Or Bonanas.  Anyways.  YES, the Bonzai was this weekend.  And yes, it was one of my weirder cultural experiences.  But highly entertaining.  :D  The pictures I've posted speak for themselves, and I don't feel like a detailed play-by-play.  (Sorry.)  Anyways, I just want to say that it was fantastic despite being exhausting.  Thanks Erin for plugging us in!  It was epic.

Monday, October 4


The Mystic Order of Stupid Nicknames is called to order.

Sunday, October 3

Dear world,

Or rather, dear people-who-actually-read-my-blog,

Today was pretty cool.  I made  a quilt and watched conference.  Life is pretty much amazing.  :)
Tomorrow morning I have (get?) to get up and go elliptical with Erin for a bit.  But I don't want to because I'm a lazy sleep-mongerer and I like my bed.
I have a confession, I feel guilty when I am not superbly busy.  Is that a mental complex?  It gives me grief.

I'm now procrastinating pretty much all 20 things I meant to do before bed, but here I am.  Blogging.  :)
About nothing.  At all.  *sigh*  I guess I just want to shout out into oblivion.  This microscopic bit of the internet has my print on it.  And you get to read it.  Aren't you privileged?  ;)

Gad, I really am in an odd mood.

Perhaps it's because I'm full of rainbow rice krispie treats.  Hmm.

I'd better get started on those things...