Sunday, December 19

I Like Life

Everyone has their role models. As a small girl, this scene had a particular effect on me, as did the character of Christmas Present. To this day, I think it's still a fantastic motto. :)

Everyone also has their favorite renditions of A Christmas Carol. This remains mine. Heaven knows I need to be regularly reminded to enjoy what life has to offer. And somehow this season only serves to accentuate such an ideal. No matter how much I complain--if I lose 50 dollars or get a 71 on an exam or kill another plant or find out I have a serious disease or... whatever. I do indeed like life. And I especially like this song. :D

Saturday, December 18

December 18th

Today I got up about 7.  I did some Christmas shopping.  I took a two hour nap with my dog.  I worked on my castle.  I did some crochet.

Christmas Break.  :)  

Monday, December 13

Literary Crush

Yes, I admit it. I have seemingly eternal crushes on a few individuals. There's a sense of tragedy to the literary crush, isn't there? This man will never exist, and you have a few rather in-depth windows into his existence that will have to satisfy you. It's like you met him for a short time, had a brief, intense relationship, and then... he died. Or something. And all you have to remember him by are the books he is in. These are books that I take out and peruse whenever I'm feeling lonely--if only for the familiarity. The funny thing is, unlike *real* crushes that I've had on people I've actually met, these crushes stand the test of time and often serve as models for which I compare potential relationships with. (I am unaware of myself doing this, but it's unfortunately true.) There are some characters that are so cardboard cutout that you cannot really read about them without falling even a little for them. And some of them are yours entirely because no one else finds them endearing.

Regardless, here are the most prominent in my mind. I could probably come up with more, but I don't want to embarrass myself more than I already am. I also won't go in-depth about any of them, because 1) who wants to read that? and 2) again, I've embarrassed myself enough already...

First, Ged from A Wizard of Earthsea. Not sure about this one. He begins a rather entertaining trend within this list by being a mage (I have something for mages/wizards.) His story is one of the adolescent, proud boy making a mistake and having to fix things/humble himself and then eventually growing and maturing into one of the most powerful wizards ever. Etc. Something about him is so endearing to me... I love the way he reacts to other people and to his own problems...

Artemis Fowl isn't a wizard, but he is a criminal mastermind. Another one that I can't really explain, and another young, proud, powerful individual that bites off more than he can chew and --in making things right--becomes likable. Regardless, there you have it. Another confession on my part. ;)

Thomas from Sorcery and Cecilia is another less well-known one. (So unknown that I couldn't find a picture.) Another mage. I'm a bit enamored with the whole 19th century magician thing (as you may see.) In high-london society, Thomas is a player in the intrigue and awesome that takes place within the correspondence between Kate and Cecilia within the novel. He eventually falls in love with/marries Kate.
Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables is probably one of the most adored fictional characters ever. I'm not an exception. Gil is an amazing kid through and through. Not to mention he is keenly intelligent, witty, and entirely devoted. Right from the beginning of the series he is a favorite, and I think one of the most qualifying models I've ever had for a significant other.
Perrin Aybara from the Wheel of Time Series is an incredibly popular character, but I don't really like anyone's portrayal of him, so no picture for you here either. The series is 13 (soon to be 14) books long, so I won't try to describe his character. He's incredibly humble and represents my ideal of a good leader that... doesn't really want to be. Anyways, he's a wolfbrother and can communicate with wolves, as well has having several awesome wolf-powers. Etc. Sorry, I'm not really justifying any of this... ;)

Numair Salmalin from Tamora Pierce's Tortallian universe is the kind of individual most people who know me would associate with my affections. He is described as being six feet five inches tall, with a swarthy complexion, raven black hair, brown eyes and a long nose. He is also a mage and he's pretty much awesomely powerful. Again, witty, satirical, and absolutely adorable.

Lastly, Mairelon from Mairelon the Magician was actually the first character that I basically fell in love with. Another 19th century mage (perhaps that era was just awesome. I mean, turn of the 19th? That's Jane Austin all over. Though, I admit, I'm not particularly for any of her characters, despite all stereotypes.) Mairelon is (like Thomas mentioned above) high society, etc. He works undercover during the beginning of the books and takes on the protagonist, Kim, as his apprentice. He's all of those things that I like (satirical, witty, etc etc etc) and completely oblivious where romanticism is concerned.

Anyways, there you have it. Please feel free to share if you have any of your own to admit. I've said far too much here...

Wednesday, December 8

Internet Things I Follow

Here are a few things I check regularly (like some people have their weekly TV show they watch.)

Lackadaisy Cats
Worth mentioning again. Srsly excellent stuff.

Phoenix Requiem

This is a graphic novel that updates about twice a week, but it's already pretty long so it's up for some good reading. :D Authors description here:

On a cold December night, a gentleman stumbles into the town of Esk, gunshot wounds leaving a trail of blood in the snow behind him. Despite making a full recovery at the hands of an inexperienced nurse - and deciding to make a new life for himself in the town - he is unable toescape the supernatural beings, both good and bad, that seem to follow him like shadows.

Sorry, that's a little vague but I don't want to give any of it away. The story is actually really cool and develops in unexpected ways. I'm a bit of a sucker for victorian supernatural stuff. It's also really cool to see the artist's style increase in regularity and detail. (As, you will see, is the case with many of the comics I follow.) Right now it's super intense, but since you only get two or three pages every three days or so, it's utterly frustrating. Still, gives me something to look forward to. :)

Hark, a vagrant

First, I will clarify that I have nothing against Canadians. I think they are some of the coolest people in the world, actually. :) But I love this girl's Canadian comics. Anyways, these are all extremely satirical and run along a "historical" theme, although they branch out to whatever it seems that she is feeling like drawing. Warning, some of it can get very crude. But overall, her quirky drawings are lovable and her points are generally hilarious. (Thank you Erin, for introducing me. :D)

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

Yes, yes, guilty pleasure.
This is one of those comics that cause... IQ points to leak slowly out of your ears. But I love it anyways. XD I've never been big on the traditional action comic superhero deal, but for some reason I really love Dr. McNinja. Basically, he's a doctor. And a ninja. And he deals continually with random problems like velociraptors or McDonalds McNinja burgers or Pirates.

Anyways. I kind of have a crush on him. But then, it's kind of inevitable. I mean, a sexy ninja AND a stable career? ;) Jk, jk. But, if you're super bored, perhaps worth checking out.

p.s. I was introduced to this purely because I saw someone dressed as him walk by on BYU. I was immediately intrigued and vaguely attracted (thank heavens I couldn't see his face.)

Girls Next Door

Woah. Except not... whatever that is that came up on google. A different Girls Next Door. :D For all those Bowie/Phantom of the Opera/Norrington/Javert fans out there, this comic is excellent. Ironically, it was actually made in response to another comic that focused on the men ("Roommates") and focuses on the women of the story, Sarah Williams and Christine Daae... and it's probably my favorite of the two. The story basically centers around Bowie trying to get Sarah to fall for him (though whether she already has is debatable), for the Phantom to come to terms with Christine (in whatever direction that goes) and for Norrie and Javert to figure their own lives out. The two girls just want to live a normal roommate lifestyle, but we all know that can't happen with neighbors such as theirs. Other pop culture references are made with regularity and tend to make everything so much more epic. Anyways, if your up for some utter and complete fan-girl-ness, check it out.

And I guess those are the big ones. I kinda feel like a loser for following so many different things, but they're all really funny (allowing for my sort of humor) and, again, it's nice to have something to look forward to... though only a few of them update regularly. Anyways, tchus!

Tuesday, December 7


What if, in the end,
I don't really know of them-?
That is, know my dreams...
How can I, really?
When everything is quiet,
Where do my thoughts go?
I find, more and more,
That I begin to desire
Something I can't have.
Each book that I read
Will draw me, unforgiving,
Into a new world.
Then, I find myself
Willing to desire those things
That cannot exist.
And, shortsightedly,
I begin to dwell more and more
Within these fantasies.

When your fondest dreams
Are little more than ideas--
False realities...

What do you hope for?
The story ends, the book closed,
And for a short time,
I can't help but feel
That the withdrawal has left me
Without a purpose.

But slowly, surely,
Reality sets back in.
So despite all, I smile.

And before the end
I will learn to appreciate
What I've been given...

(This was an experiment.  Do not worry, friends, I am firmly grounded in reality and bad poetry.  :D)

Wednesday, December 1

A Post That Doesn't Involve Curious George or The Man In the Yellow Hat

But it does involve kilts. A little. I've just decided that I think I'll require all the men who take a part in my wedding celebration to wear one.

I mean, c'mon, talk about the sexiest wedding party ever. ;)

Okay. Jk.

Anyways, I just wanted to give another oh so inspiring story

of greatness

and wonderful inspiration.

Yesterday (as anyone who will listen to me complain for half a second knows) my car door became so cold that after I'd opened it, it wouldn't stay shut anymore. I tend to "freak out" a bit if I'm going to be late anywhere, so as I was trying to get it shut so Leslie and I could head to BYU, I was very angry. My mum (most graciously) drove us to school, and I left my door hanging open for anyone to come and tamper with. But whatever. When I got home that night, the door must've gotten a bit warmer, because it shut fine and all was well.

So this morning, as a precaution (and with much cursing) I cleaned the ice and snow off my car, climbed in through the passenger-side door as a precaution against yesterday's occurrence(scattering snow all over my seat, etc.) and settled into my freezing car (with the doors beautifully shut, mind you.) And then, still grumpy, I set off.

It wasn't till I had been driving for a bit when I remembered something Steph had told me when she first sold the car to me. She warned me that William had run it into a snowbank some years before, and that the front door took a bit of *umph* to shut (which is why I am so violent with car doors, sorry...) but if it was ever left open (even slightly), the battery would undoubtedly die. This has already happened once, because the door (while shut) didn't *quite* shut all the way. I realized, now, driving happily to BYU in my car--that I had somehow been mercifully avoided such an occurrence, despite the door being left open for the entire 12 hours that I was at BYU yesterday. And I hadn't even noticed, being the dafty that I am.

I've noticed now. I thought I'd share. :) I think for every bad thing that happens to me, a plethora of bad things don't happen, and because they don't, I don't notice and I'm not grateful.

Goes back to looking for the good, aye? It's icy, cold, and early... but it's also crystalline, beautiful, and fresh...

Here's some more Highland Wedding-ness. :D Just to get you guys excited for three years from now: