Thursday, March 31

Some More Wiki Sharing and Excuses

Academic procrastination:

[...] More specifically, a 1992 study showed that "52% of surveyed students indicated having a moderate to high need for help concerning procrastination". It is estimated that 80%–95% of college students engage in procrastination, approximately 75% considering themselves procrastinators.
One source of procrastination is underestimating the time required to analyze research. Many students devote weeks to gathering research for a term paper, but are unable to finish writing it because they have to review many contradictory opinions before they can offer their own perspective on the subject. Despite knowing how to consult resources, they struggle to perform their own analysis.
"Student syndrome" refers to the phenomenon where a student will only begin to fully apply themselves to a task immediately before a deadline. This negates the usefulness of any buffers built into individual task duration estimates. Students also have difficulties when self-imposing deadlines.

Stigma and misunderstanding

Procrastinators often have great difficulty in seeking help, or finding an understanding source of support, due to the stigma and profound misunderstanding surrounding extreme forms of procrastination. One of the symptoms, known to psychologists as task-aversion, is often mischaracterised as laziness, a lack of willpower or loss of ambition.

It's just nice to see things laid out so soundly. :) Now on to my genealogy project... (which I've been procrastinating by writing this post.)

Tuesday, March 29


Does anyone have favorite paintings? You know, the ones that you always want to buy and put up in your home? I definitely do. I covet them, particularly when I love the subject matter. :) Here are a few that immediately come to mind:

Two sisters--Bouguereau

The Hobbit: Expulsion--Donato Giancola

Child Carrying Flowers--Adolphe William Bouguereau (This one reminds me of sweet Libby!)

The Gentle Healer--Greg Olsen

The Daughter of Jairus--Carl Bloch

Country Women Fishing on a Summer Afternoon--Daniel Ridgeway Knight

Taming of Smeagol--Donato Giancola

Women Holding a Balance--Johannes Vermeer

There are two more but I cannot find them--one is hanging in my front room--of a young girl (cannot for the life of me recall the title, help me mum!) and the second hangs in the first floor of the wilk by the elevator. It's of three maids picking herbs or the like. I'm so artistically illiterate, it's not even funny. There are many many more, but I don't want to bore you to tears. :) I would like to hear of any others though!

Monday, March 28

In Explanation...

I apologize for pictures that no longer show up on my blog. I still have all of them, but as they were linked via URL before and I've had to change my google accounts entirely, they are no longer in their original locations. I may look into fixing them, but for now that's my excuse for the broken links. Sorry!

In other news, hasn't the weather been absolutely divine? I'm sad to see March go...

Saturday, March 26

Holi Colors!

I finally got to this festival! Not going to lie, I discovered a new affinity to claustrophobia--particularly when the sky turned brownish-purple with dust. But still, excellent experience. I highly reccommend it. :) I got to go with the most illustrious, awesome Kenna and her super-awesome-whom-I-hadn't-yet-met-husband Drew. Not much else to say, but here are some pics: (my camera was in a plastic bag, so I apologize for the quality.)

We were in this mosh during the actually "throwing". For like... two minutes the air so was so thick I

couldn't breathe or anything. AWESOME.

Kenna snapping some pics.

And, as always, some too-close-up pics of my face. :D Now in color!!

At some point, I was literally grabbed, turned around, and had teal dust thrown directly into my face by some guy who had been explaining to his friend "you just grab a pretty girl and throw it in her face. Like-here, look-"

Wednesday, March 23


I'm going to put a plug in, here, because I've gotten so much out of this program. :) The church has an indexing program as part of the family search genealogy project. (I'm sure many of you have heard of it before/used it before.) Basically you download a computer program (mac or windows) that you use to download batches of census records or draft records, which you then index and submit. The link is below, just click "get started" and download the program!

This may not be for you, of course. It's a lot of data entry and reading odd bits of cursive, but it's rewarding and almost effortless to do fifty names here or there. I love discovering the odd names and really opening my eyes to how many individuals there are out there and how much work is to be done with genealogy!

Anyways, I highly recommend it. If you want to try using it but can't figure out how, just shoot me a message and I'll help you figure it out!

Monday, March 21

The Cold: Phase 1

I believe my darling albeit runny-nosed nieces have given me a cold. If this be the case, then we have an interesting opportunity to short-handedly document my personal "cold phases". I'm unaware of whether or not other people recognize this in their own life, but I tend to go through phases of sickness whenever I catch a common cold. Today I awoke with the first symptom: asthmatic coughing. This is markedly noted by the way my breathing randomly turns wheezy and ridiculously audible-yet my throat is in no pain. Taking any size of breath becomes restricted and I feel that sense of "a cold is coming on" but no real "cold" symptoms as of yet. I don't feel muggy or tired either. But I cannot climb stairs or walk distances without beginning to sound extremely silly. I tend to randomly cough when the wheezing catches on.

Don't worry about sympathy or what-not. If I am sick this will be the first time this year, and I am muchly overdue for a good cold, don't you think? We'll see if it progresses.

Friday, March 18

Positive Exclamation

Robin's comment of "huzzah" on my last post peaked my procrastinator's interest, so I went to wikipedia to look it up. Within the next few minutes I'd acquired the following:

(Originally huzza, and in some North American dialects hurrah) is an archaic English interjection of joy or approbation. According to the Oxford English Dictionary it is "apparently a mere exclamation".[1] The dictionary does not mention any specific derivation. Whatever its origins, it has seen occasional literary use since at least the time ofShakespeare.

Oo-rah, u-rah, or hoo-rah
A spirited cry common to the United States Marines.

A U.S. Army battle cry used by soldiers and also in use by U.S. Air Force Security Forces airmen "referring to or meaning anything and everything except no."

The war cry or battle cry most commonly used in the US Navy, though sometimes exclusively associated with the Navy SEALs and US Navy Divers.

And, more particularly:
Of the different words or rather sounds that are used in cheering, "hurrah", though now generally looked on as the typical British form of cheer, is found in various forms in German, Scandinavian, Russian (ura), French (houra).
It is probably onomatopoeic in origin; some connect it with such words as hurry, whirl ; the meaning would then be haste, to encourage speed or onset in battle.
The English hurrah was preceded by huzza, stated to be a sailors word, and generally connected with heeze, to hoist, probably being one of the cries that sailors use when hauling or hoisting.
The German hoch, seen in full in Hoch lebe der Kaiser, &c., the French vive, Italian and Spanish viva, evviva, are cries rather of acclamation than encouragement.
The Japanese shout banzai became familiar during the Russo-Japanese War.
In reports of parliamentary and other debates the insertion of cheers at any point in a speech indicates that approval was shown by members of the House by emphatic utterances of hear hear.
Cheering may be tumultuous, or it may be conducted rhythmically by prearrangement, as in the case of the Hip-hip-hip by way of introduction to a simultaneous hurrah. The saying "hip hip hurrah" is alleged to have roots going back to the crusaders, then meaning "Jerusalem is lost to the infidel, and we are on our way to paradise. The abbreviation HEP would then stand for Hierosolyma est perdita, "Jerusalem is lost" in Latin.

Thursday, March 17

Elevators--A Hater Post.

I don't complain much. At least, I think I've gotten better in that department. BUT GAD, would everyone please stop being so silly about elevators?! I shouldn't have to feel guilty about taking them! Ever!!

I don't care if stairs "help my heart". I'm not the kind of girl who thinks "Oh, if I go up the stairs I'll have a chance to lose some of the calories I've consumed today! My favorite thing!"

It's not like I'd walk across the building to take the elevator INSTEAD of the stairs. I'm a "hmm, the elevator is right here and the stairs begin on the damnable other side of this building. Obviously, if I'm going to make an efficient use of my time, I'll take the elevator." *receives dark significant looks from all those around me*

How DARE I use the elevator! How DARE I use it when it simply exists for men hauling equipment and people who are too overweight or otherwise handicapped to use stairs anymore. And even then, those sinful individuals should use the stairs anyways! IT'S GOOD FOR THE HEART.


Ok, I'm better now. :)

Keep your opinions about trivial ways to be healthy to yourself. And for heavens sake, never EVER deliberate aloud "hmm. I think I'll take the stairs instead of the elevator." We. Don't. Care. Go do pushups against a counter while you're waiting for your water to boil or something. I'm going to eat some chips.

Note: Please don't let this offend you. I don't hate you if you feel differently, obviously.

Sunday, March 13

What Happens When Two Girls Are Bored and One Is A Hairstylist

Honestly? I gave in again. But, for the record, I haven't glared at my reflection and said "WHAT WAS I THINKING?" yet. That usually happens within 24 hours, so maybe I'm pleased with this one. 0_o


Here's my plants. :D I just wanted to brag about the fact that they are a-live. You can even see the Christmas Cactus pushing out pretty little red-green segments. I'm so proud of them... :)

Oh dear. I'm having visions of Little Old Lady Me having FHE with my plants...

Thursday, March 10

Sisterly Love

When Leslie and I fight it usually becomes a round of name-calling. This can range from earnest cruelty to... well... not. I accidentally started her off with "dafty" and within minutes we were typing furiously back and forth. Here are some of the results. Feel free to adapt for your own use:


I'm not sure what this says about either of us. Maybe we've read too much, maybe too much BBC. Makes me think of Merlin's spells in The Sword and the Stone. :) I can just picture the script writers sitting in a room and having a name-calling contest. There is actually a line that says "diminish diminish dictionary" and I think they weren't just being literal about the goings-on in the movie. The world needs more non-dictionary words, I think, but I guess we should get a better hold on the dictionary ones before we start worrying about the non-dictionary sort.


Also, if you want some painfully psychological jargon, look up the phenomenon "name calling" on wikipedia.

Thursday, March 3


Mmm. Some days you just need a psychologically-nutritious breakfast. Hence I'm sitting at work with a bag of chips and a chocolate milk. :D

Your mom doesn't approve.

Tuesday, March 1