Monday, May 30

Another delightful example of Beth's Appreciation of Electronic Devices

A few weeks ago (as any who text/call me may have noticed) I lost my phone.

I mean.... I LOST lost it. I lose it all the time, which is an unfortunate side-effect of poor short-term memory. However, this time it was really gone. So gone that after a few weeks I realized I'd have to buy a new one. This put me $50 in the hole, but I was (happily) able to contact people again and be contacted in return.

Then last Saturday after work, I realized I'd misplaced the new one. I wasn't too frightened. (As I've said, this happens with regularity.) I was a little annoyed because it entirely compromised my Sunday plans. Regardless, all went well and when I got home I did another little run of the house. (To no avail.)

Today we went on a few errands and I stopped by Zubs to look around for the misplaced phone. It was nowhere to be seen, so I accepted the fact that it must be in my apartment. Or perhaps my car. I'd forgotten to do an in-depth search of my car. So, as we started off, I asked Erin to feel around under the seats for it.

As necessary according to... someone's law of something... the phone was produced. I grumpily noted it was dead and stuck it in my pocket. But no matter, at least I had it back.

I returned to the apartment and sent my roommates off with their families for various luncheon appointments. I charged and turned on my phone. Interestingly enough, I noticed that all the old messages and missed calls from when I'd lost the original phone had finally filtered through. I read these with some misguided amusement before trying to text some of them back. The phone failed to get any texts through, but I wasn't too concerned. The service was probably not at it's best. Then I tried checking my voicemail.

The account had been suspended. I gaped angrily at the device for a few minutes, trying to figure out what had happened. Then I began to look up the service number to call and figure out what was going on. As I did so, I noticed that some of the paint had been chipped away on the main button.


In the exact same manner that my previous phone had been.


After a moment's assessment I realized that I did, in fact, have my old phone back in possession.

So, now, I need to find the NEW phone so I can return it (hopefully) for a nice refund and... live happily ever after.


Saturday, May 28


First, read this.

So... you understand what we are planning here. :) After a week of acquiring ingredients, we got together saturday morning and made them using this recipe as a base... and adding substantial amounts of milk and flour to make up for the additional ingredients.

SO, we began by mixing together the basic dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, sugar, oatmeal, assorted cereals (we added captain crunch to the original as well), and chocolate chips. We mixed them together and added oil and egg.
Then we added the various fruits and carrot and such, folding all together gently.
Looks a bit like granola, no? Then we added milk and flower until the mix held reasonably together (about a half cup of each). Then we baked them for approximately 10-15 minutes in a 400 degree oven. Results:
A little crispy, but exceptionally flavorful. :)
Really, muffins are miracle foods. What else can you put in a muffin?
Thank you Manly Guys Doing Manly Things. 0_o

Friday, May 27

Typical Zubs

I'd like to take a moment and speak, as a fast food worker, from the heart.

Please, please, PLEASE write down what you want to order before you call! Generally there are menus online or some other means to figure out preemptively what your family is going to order. Then phone calls can be quick and much less awkward, and the worker--who is probably stressed and trying to get several things done at once--won't have to spend a good 10 minutes on your call. It's just... polite? I guess? That's a bit of a cuss word in fast food, though. ;)

Please take this example (everything in here is heard regularly enough that we can recount it perfectly, though not necessarily in the same call.)

A Zubs Phone Call
(Based loosely on actual events.)

“Hi, thanks for calling Zubs! What can I get you?”
“Oh hi! Is this Zubs?”
“Yes, what can I do for you?”
“Hi, uhm, well I’d like a turkey sandwich.”
“Do you mean like a... turkey and avocado or-”
“No, no, the turkey one!”
“... just turkey?”
“No, the one that’s like turkey and cheese?”
“You mean turkey and swiss?”
“Yes! That’s the one.”
“Ok, and would you like that as a 12” or 6”?”
“Uhm... which one is bigger?”
“The 12”.”
“Ok, that one.”
“Alright, would you like that hot or cold?”
“And then can I have a pizza?”
“Sure thing! What size?”
“Uhm... what sizes are there?”
“They come in 8”, 10”, 12”, and 16”.”
“Is there like... a medium?”
“That would be the 12”.
“Oh, yeah, ok! Uhm... what kind of pizzas do you have?”
“Well... what are you looking for exactly?”
“Uhm... do you have pepperoni?”
“... Yes.”
“Ok, can I get that half pepperoni and... uhm... hold on a sec.”

*2 minutes of muffled discussion*

“Ok, ALL pepperoni and have mushrooms on half and... do you have pineapple?”
“Yes we do.”
“Alright, half pepperoni and mushrooms and half pepperoni and pineapple... does that make sense?”
“Yes... and that’s a 12”?”
“Does it come bigger?”
“Yes, it goes up to 16”.
“Ok, that one.”
“The 16”?”
“Ok. And real quick, did you want the sandwich hot or cold?”
“Oh hold on.” *another two minutes discussion* “Ok, we’re going to add another sandwich.”
“Alright, what kind?”
“Do you have steak?”
“We have a roast beef sandwich...”
*More discussion*
“What comes on that?
“Roast beef, onions, mayo, green peppers, provolone and... tomato.”
“Ok, we’ll take a 6” of that.”
“Sounds good. Hot or cold?”
“Alright, and then we’d like some cheesy bread.”
“... do you mean cheese garlic bread or cheesesticks?”
“Oh... uhm... what’s the difference?”
“Well, the cheesesticks come like a pizza and the cheese garlic bread comes on sub bread-”
“Oh, the cheese sticks.”
“What size?”
“Uh... what do they come in?”
“The same as the pizzas.”
“Oh. Hmm. Hold on a sec.”
*more discussion*
“Let’s get a 12” then.”
“Ok. Ranch or marinara?”
“... can I have both?”
“Sure thing.”
“No wait... just ranch.”
“Ok. Anything else for you?”
“Uhm... hold on.”
*more discussion*
“No, that’s everything!”
“Ok, did you want the sandwiches hot or cold?”
“Did you want the sandwiches toasted or cold?”
“What’s better?”
“I prefer them hot, but they are good either way.”
“Ok... cold would be fine.”
“Alright. Both of them?”
“Ok, is this for pickup or delivery?”
“Ok, can I get your name, number, and address?”
“Yeah, it’s (address here.)”
*pause* “Ok, and a name?”
“(Name that probably sounds like ‘Sam’ but is really ‘Jasper Darlington Higgins’)”
“Alright, and a phone number?”
“Why do you need that?”
“So our driver can call you if he needs more specific directions-”
“Oh, all right. It’s (phone number).”
“All right then. That’ll be about 40 minutes and-”
“Are you serious?”
“40 minutes?”
“Yes... is that okay?”
“No, it is NOT okay. That’s ridiculous. How long if I pick it up?”
“Probably 20-”
“All right we’ll come get it.”
“Ok. Then that’ll be ready in 20 minutes!”
“Can I get a price?”
“Sure.” *gets total* “That’ll be $amou.nt.”
“Alright. Thank you!” *hangs up*

The end.

I'm not trying to make fun, but I would like to point this out for those of you who haven't worked fast food before. :) As always, try to be patient with people who are serving you (unless, you know, they're blatantly disregarding your wishes.)


Tuesday, May 24

Friday, May 20

Spring Design!

Tadaa! :D First design! And I spoiled myself and used my favorite color scheme! He he. Well... erm, yes. Just needed to brag. ;)

Monday, May 9

Life Update!

I just realized, I haven't put in a plug: my roommates and I have an apartment blog in which we rant excessively about our activities and adventures. :) Feel free to peruse!

In any case, here are the results of this (rather fast paced!) term thus far:

I've made my first bouquet.
I made a school bag, and have found leather to make a corset.
I've played and become addicted to bananagrams.
I've learnt 60 different trees/shrubs and I can identify them by sight (hopefully) and tell you their family, genus, species name, and common name/s. (Will be 200.)
I've begun re-memorizing the scripture mastery scriptures!
I've finished the faith value in my attempts to re-earn my YW recognition.
My bangs have grown 1 inch. I can pin them back. ;)
I got to talk to a missionary yesterday...
I put my papers in in 3 months. :D

Life is pretty snazzy.