Wednesday, June 29


I'm currently reading Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (just for fun) and I can't help but wonder about "sisterhoods". Girls just seem to thrive if they have a particular bond or group that they can cultivate themselves in. They may have traditions and code names and round after round of inside jokes... I always feel a longing admiration for women who found friendships when they were young and maintained them through their lives, and I hope desperately that I can keep the dear friends I've found. I want to hang out with them after I've had kids and share secrets and reexamine our lives together as we grow older and things begin to sort themselves for better or for worse.

In the meantime, thank you to all my girlfriends and especially my mum and sisters! You have all contributed to who I am, and I'd have myself no other way.

Tuesday, June 28

Scenes From Beth's Future House

I'm a bit of an internet pack-rat. I save picture after picture and link after link (which is odd because I don't do this at all in the real world.) These are usually of things I want to do or try--things I want to have or build.

In the movie Peter Pan, this is one of my favorite dialogues:

Mrs. Darling: There are many different kinds of bravery. There's the bravery of thinking of others before one's self. Now, your father has never brandished a sword nor fired a pistol, thank heavens. But he has made many sacrifices for his family, and put away many dreams.
Michael: Where did he put them?
Mrs. Darling: He put them in a drawer. And sometimes, late at night, we take them out and admire them. But it gets harder and harder to close the drawer... he does. And that is why he is brave.

I've found myself to have grown up in a world where people can't really close their drawers and they get into all sorts of trouble because they are too impatient to wait for when they have the means to follow their dreams--however insignificant. So I try to keep a drawer of my own--my own hopes for the future--and focus on what I actually *need* to have now. And I admit, sometimes I will take them out an admire them... what is life if we don't dream?

So, long explanation aside, here are some from my drawer. Even the most insignificant thing can be tucked away for later. :)

On a completely unrelated note, who can have garden gnomes when you can have garden zombies?

Saturday, June 25

Visiting Grandpa's Farm

Basically, my dad's house has become a farm. We had a bit of a party there this weekend, staying the night, roasting marshmallows, feeding chickens, running through mud and (in Libby's case) jumping on a tramp. Awesome stuff!

On the way there, Teagan entertained me by trying to steal my camera.

Libby was... less entertaining.
Until, of course, we got there! Cows and chickens galore!
First we have "rib-eye". Libby got to ride him a bit. He tried to eat Williams shirt as Andrew and I watched... without trying to stop it.
Second we have "T-Bone" (you can tell my dad named them, can't you...)
Also, dad has an awesome garden!
Aaaand... my favorite of all, CHICKENS.
Teag tried to lure them out... not too successful.

Anyways, excellent weekend! I can't wait to go back. :)

Monday, June 20


I saw this idea on another blog. Too cool! So Leslie and I drove around a bit yesterday to do some experimentation.

The process is actually quite difficult--the angles must be just right. It's cool to think that whoever took the picture was around the same area you are! Almost eerie. :) Anyways, I'll be heading back with a tripod and on a day when it's not raining, but here are some test runs--they aren't quite right...

Beth, Will, Emma, and then Leslie and Andrew are on top. Moroni's in the car seat.

Me and Leslie
Lemonade stand with Leslie, me and Emma.
Brothers and me... and another kid.
Andrew graduating elementary.

Sweet memories!

Here's some June for ya.

WELL, I finally cleaned off my camera, so I have a few photos here that I forgot to upload. :)
First, my bridal bouquet (that class is over, sad, but it was fun while it lasted. I'm not usually one for yellow, but I liked this combo with the red-trimmed carnations.)

This bouquet is just a little one, but I like it a lot. Bouquets are so fun to make! I'm not a HUGE fan of dutch spiral (the method used to make this one) because everyone seems to use it around here. But it does have a pretty effect!

Personally, I like them a little looser, though holding the same shape. This is more what I want for when I get married in... a while. I love the ivy hanging down and the thistle peeking out. The whole thing is framed with calla lilies (which are horrendously expensive, but create such a lovely effect, no?)

Heh, we'll see. I'd be afraid to catch that thing...

Anyways, ALSO this last weekend was my performance at the Pioneer Park. I'm officially in love with belly dancing--the movement, the colors, etc, it's so open and exciting! Everyone had a fantastic time.

And here is my costume (back at the apartment.)
I've decided the best thing ever is to wear a costume that jingles. For some vague reason it's so empowering!

Friday, June 17

Cupcake needs remain unfulfilled. :(

I want a cupcake!

Anyone ever been to The Cocoa Bean in Provo? I think I can attribute my cupcake fetish to that horrid, horrid place. :D Any other good cupcake eateries? I'm thinking I need to take a Saturday and go on a cupcake hunt...

Tuesday, June 14

NOT Summer Term!

And so, after much internal debate, I've decided to do without school for a few months. It was a struggle, but I overcame my addiction. Now I'm... sitting at a desk for 9 hours a day instead.

Wish me luck? It's not the sort of job I can complain about... let alone being able to complain about ANY job at this point. I'm grateful to have an opportunity to really truly... examine my priorities... *ahem*

And perhaps plow through my book pile. ;)

Meanwhile, classes ended well enough and we'll see whether I accidentally bombed Field Botany (it could happen. 50% of the grade is based on the final).

Overall, I'd say I'm quite pleased with how everything is going. My mission papers have been started! Once I get to the dentist I can begin the hard-core stuff (like meeting with my bishop.) 50 days till I can put them in!

Wednesday, June 8

Side-Effects of College

I am studying landscape management. I now view the world through vaguely green-colored glasses.
  • When I go to a R.S. sleepover at the Bishop's house, I am found outside discussing strawberry plants with him.

  • When I'm absentmindedly looking at my blog, I start attempting to distinguish what tree features in my background and whether we have any on campus.

  • I curiously watch and analyze as the tree by my desk at work begins to die. When people walk by and ask about it, I have actual theories about it's lack of nitrogen or proximity to the window and the drafts from the door. I try to explain these to them for a few minutes before I realize I'm being overbearing again.

  • I peer condescendingly into houseplants whenever I visit friends and family.
  • I lose track of my intentions when I go into offices, staring lustily at the arrangement they have on their desk and asking what the different flowers are.
  • We go to temple square and as everyone gazes happily up at the temple, I am scrutinizing the ground to determine what particular ground cover has been used by the corner.
  • As we watch "27 Dresses" with a large group of girls, Grosland and Erin smirk at me from across the room, and they don't have to ask as they watch me studiously attempt to determine what flowers are being used at the weddings, and how the color scheme is being incorporated into the floral arrangements.
  • When I hike, I am trying to distinguish the plants, naming them under my breath and berating myself for forgetting whether a genus is "betula" or "betulus".
  • I do the same as I walk across campus, muttering feverish Latin as I distinguish fruit trees and maple trees from one another. I receive many worried looks.
  • When I come home, I walk out to the garden to look about before checking in on my siblings.
Sad, isn't it? One can only hypothesize about the great burden I will be on my companion when I go on a mission...

Monday, June 6

Watch as Beth continues to do what the Internet tells her to.

I am an acknowledged lover of the smelly muck known as Spaghettios. I was curious as to whether there were any methods to enhance such deliciousness, so I turned to the internet to ask. I came up with this site:

The author gives five variations (most of which I am completely appalled by.)
Here they are (summarily):

1.Dicing tomatoes into them and adding cheese/spices.
2.Making pizza. Yep. With Spaghettios as a topping.
3.Spaghettios and ice cream. (No... really. XP)
4.Using them as a fragrance. (Maybe as an RM repellent? I'm not sure...)

In any case, this last suggestion caught my eye. It reminded me a bit of the manly muffins we'd attempted earlier, but... less feasible.

He states:
Spaghetti-Os + Chicken Flavored Ramen Noodles + Easy Mac
The three stereotypical staple foods of poor people and lazy college students: at first, they seem like three distinctly separate but equally-awesome entities. It’s only when you dump them all into the same pot that you realize they very well may have been custom-made to compliment one another. If you eat them individually, these three different types of noodles seem essentially the same. But compare them within the context of a single mouthful and you allow them to bring out one another’s distinct noodle personalities. The slimydampness of the Spaghetti-Os, the cardboard-like flavor of the macaroni, and the delightful tastelessness of the ramen are all enhanced in contrast to one another. And the cheesy chicken-tomato sauce is an adventure in itself.

So... naturally... no one could hope to talk me out of this one.
Images posted below. Proceed at your own risk.

All combined to create this:

The color is most amusing. Look how they all melded together? It's sort of like in floral design... when everything is the same color you get a really acute focus on the texture.
Except not... like floral design... at all.

Anyways, I'm both pleased and appalled to admit that this particular concoction caught my fancy. It was a very... delicious melding of flavors, just as aforementioned spaghettios man had explained.

So... there you have it. Now you don't need to lay awake at night wondering hopelessly about what would happen if you did the above.

I'm going to go do something productive now.

Rock Canyon

Today I went on an unexpected hike up Rock Canyon. In Toms. Sad story. But it was for my botany class, so no complaints. It is a lovely warm day.

Anyways, I have discovered something. This week Erin and I both developed rather severe colds (or something) and we were both very surprised and disgruntled. Mine only lasted about a day before I realized that my "cold" symptoms had all but disappeared leaving behind a tendency for my eyes to water, nose to run, and head to explode. Whatever could this mean?!

Apparently my father has a very severe tendency for hay fever.

Apparently I've managed to develop such a tendency since the rain stopped. Or something.

So... I can't make fun of all you people with allergies anymore. Not... that I ever did... promise. ;)

I wasn't 100% sure of my own allergy symptoms until the hike this morning. I can now identify several different kinds of grass (family poaceae) and I'm pleased to say that it was extremely windy the entire hike. You may make any entertaining assumptions you desire as to the results of the class. But I do have allergies.

Friday, June 3

Who Am I?

Ever just... had a moment when... a random window opened and you suddenly saw yourself from an outside perspective? And you didn't like what you saw... so you changed it. And then... suddenly things feel better.

Of course, these changes aren't immediate. But their results can be.

I have learned so much about myself since I graduated. I've learned about how I react to others, how I react to pain, and what makes me truly happy. I've been lucky enough to discover how to make myself feel happy! And it's made all the difference. I just need to keep remembering to do it.

My next great college venture will be to try eating the three college student staples in one delightfully horrid dish... that is, namely, Spaghettios, chicken raman, and kraft mac. Wish me luck! I'll be sure to post a picture next chance I get. ;)

Thursday, June 2


Well sirs, it looks like we've finally received some summer. o.o I'd like to say I'm up for a few months of warmth and lustrous tan skin, but I've had enough previous experience to feel completely sure that nothing could be less likely. I'm determined to have a good attitude, however! I wore orange today and my freckles are already starting to come out. I've even bought a new bottle of aloe vera to sooth inevitable scorching... so we'll see how this turns out!

I've also been hearing distant sounds of the Provo High Marching Band practicing their parade songs. The patriotic nonsense has got me longing for parade camp... a sure sign I've been touched in the head...

Not gonna lie, I have to wonder how people used to cope with our noise around the high school...