Wednesday, August 31

Hello September!!

Dear friends,

I am alive!

I am also going through a difficult time.  I feel a bit sick like someone has hooked me up to a machine and has begun intravenously sucking friends and social life (what little I had) while shoving in school work that I--amazingly--don't want to do.  I don't know if this is because I took the summer off or because I am leaving immediately following the semester.  Either way, I've fallen into a bit of a slump.  But no fear!  I have great classes and every reason to be happy, so I will figure that out in a bit, I'm sure.  In the meantime... onward!

I will post more about my classes on Friday--Due to some rearranging, I've not yet attended one of them.  0_o


p.s. how about blogger's new interface?  Gorgeous!!

Thursday, August 25

The Call

I guess I should post about it, even though I'm pretty sure everyone who reads this already knows. :) But I got my mission call! I'm headed to Milwaukee, WI to teach. I report on Dec 14th.
It's crazy to me to know this... when I found my call in the mailbox yesterday (after driving my mum to the airport) I felt utterly shocked. While we were driving up I told Gros (via text) that I didn't expect my call, even though I was very anxious to have it so I could figure out what I was doing for class. She sent me a quick response: "have faith." So we had faith together. And it came! :D

The timing is pretty much perfect for taking another semester. I get my call a few days before it begins, and I'll leave two days before finals end (hopefully my professors will be accommodating.) I feel so blessed...

However, it's weird to feel so enthusiastic and still feel such negativity. I've been trying to throw off discouragement about going since I began my papers, and this morning when I woke up I felt it even more strongly. Sometimes I feel so unhappy and inferior about the whole enterprise, I am tempted to jump ship on the whole thing. It's going to be a tough semester, I'll give you that much. So I would (selfishly) ask you all to keep me in your prayers so that I can confront whatever is trying to hold me back and have the strength to push through these next few months. I know this is where the Lord wants me to go. :)

Love you all!


Thursday, August 18

Chainmail (Or... Plasticmail?)

This year I am undertaking (once again) to attend the Anime Convention! For those of you who don't know what that is, basically it's a group of super-nerds dressing up and going to a convention ABOUT anime and nerdy things to do with anime. AWESOME.

Here are the pics from last year. I went as Oerba Yun Fang from Final Fantasy XIII.
Anyways, this year I'm going as Bethany Hawke, a character from the well-loved Dragon Age Origins.
Basically an awesome mage. You'll notice she is wearing a LOT of chainmail (or maille, as the awesome profesh seem to call it.) Like... a dress of it. So, obviously, the time has come for me to make chainmail.

Except, I'm super poor, what with a mission coming up. Besides the fact, maille is heavy and hot if it's made out of the kind of metal I could probably afford. So, I began looking for alternatives. I came over an awesome tutorial on youtube about making PLASTIC maille! Needless to say, it was an answer to my prayers. Here are the steps:

First, material basically consists of spiral binding. I got 12mm silver and ordered about 100 coils from a company for about 15 dollars. Not bad. :)
So you cut the coils into little pieces--each with enough overlap to fuse together.
Then you can simply snap them into place. The tension keeps them basically held together, as long as you don't do anything violent.
Then, just to create a smoother effect and to allow the maille to lay flat (and to keep the rings from popping open as easily) you then clamp the ends together...
And create a flat overlap.
Seeing as I am not very experiences with maille, I decided to use a simple four-in-one pattern (as seen below.) Basically, there are four rings in each ring.
Here's the end effect (3 hours or so later.)
Time consuming? Yes. Awesome? Yes. The rings are a little larger than I'd have liked, but the effect is overwhelmingly fine for being made out of... plastic binding?
Anyways, should be interesting. I'll keep you posted on the costume!


Saturday, August 13

Calling All

Hi readers! My papers are IN.

So, that being said, please guess where I'm headed! You can post your ideas here or tell me in person or whatever works. I'm so excited!!

Wednesday, August 10

Something of an Update

10 Things today that have made me happy:
-Buying Kool-aid in squirt bottles
-Getting a new debit card so I don't have to write checks anymore.
-Writing out all my frustrations and finally understanding them.
-Killing Wargs on LOTRO.
-Listening to "I'll Follow You Into the Dark" while walking to work. Six times.
-Knowing that my papers are up in SLC.
-Eating two of those gross deli pizza sticks.
-My bedroom fan.
-Finding strawberry-orange yogurt at the store.

10 Things that make me anxious.
-Whether I'm brave enough to go on a mission.
-Whether my papers will get through before school starts.
-Whether I can earn enough money in time...
-How much I'm going to miss my roomies when we're all separated.
-My sister.
-Selling my car.
-Cleaning checks and whether or not we have to clean the blinds.
-Whether or not I study my scriptures or pray or do my calling well enough.
-Teaching the primary kids in singing time at church.
-My computer screen slowly dying.

10 Things I'm excited for.
-Grosland going to Russia.
-End-of-summer party on Friday.
-My mission call.
-Watching 21 Jumpstreet tonight.
-Potentially school?
-Taking Zumba.
-Moving somewhere where the shower head hits higher than the back of my neck.
-Living with my younger siblings again.
-Letters from my missionaries.
-Marriage. (Hey, what the heck.)

Wednesday, August 3

Now It's August

Well, I've not really written much this last week. On Sunday I met with my Stake President for a final interview before my papers go in. On Saturday, his clerk will push a button, and the mission call process will be underway.

I'm kind of in a hazy place now... I don't feel as though it can possibly be time. After waiting for something for so long, when it comes... I cannot accept it. I feel as though I'm encouraging a stranger to go. I'm watching her wait for the call. I'm wondering vaguely where she'll go, but I'm not too concerned because it's HER step. Not mine.

I am often heard sprouting excited phrases like "augh, I'm putting in my papers!" "Guess what? I'm putting in my papers!" "I'm so excited to put in my papers!" And I am. But I guess I've finally hit the point that all my good (encouraging?) RM friends have told me about. I feel worried. Afraid. Nervous that I won't be good enough. I acknowledge these feelings and try to discard them, but it's hard.

So I guess, sitting in the same chair for 9 hours every day, watching the same computer screen, I feel a little helpless/useless.

This is my explanation for a lapse in writing, I guess. It's up and down from here, and hopefully within a few weeks I'll be able to take a step forward. This 'limbo' as it were, is almost at an end. :)