Thursday, September 29

Dear Devon,

Thank you for the ride today.  It was hot, I had way too much stuff in my backpack, and I was fighting off frustration at missing the bus by five minutes.  If you hadn't taken me to the Wilk right then, I would have been late for my bus to Springville and would have had to chill around for an hour or so until the next one came.

It was fun to talk to you about business minors and landscaping, and I'm glad you are excited for my mission.  It would be fun to catch you again--I didn't find out what you teach at the MTC or what you're majoring in, but in any case, I am very grateful that you stopped me by the MTC ("Hullo, sister?") and asked if I needed a ride.  You reminded me a bit of my brother, and I hope you are finding satisfaction in life.


Wednesday, September 21

Free Time

Hi friends!  I haven't posted for a bit, and I happen to have some FREE TIME!  *sparkles*

So... what do you want me to talk about?  So far the semester has been amazing (subtracting, of course, all the sucky things like major senioritis and being busy all the time.)  I've really gotten back into the groove of studying and carefully completing assignments, and I'm getting the hang of my two greatest plagues, accounting and grammar.  Actually, I'm really enjoying both.  Funny what trying hard will do to your greatest dislikes...

As you can see, my grammar lessons have failed to affect my internet writing.  Oh well.

I've begun getting everything together for my mission!  Shoes and such.  I need to get a nice coat (to keep me warm and dry--both of which will be extremely desirable, I'm told) but otherwise I'm just being jittery and excited.  It's like Christmas is coming 11 days early this year!  :D

Please note the countdown.  I shamelessly copied Tairsa because I liked hers so much.  ;)

In other news, I've begun sewing again.  As I correctly assumed, taking a class has both a) increased my desire to sew and b) increased the care with which I do it.  I've noticed a significant change in my attitude towards sewing.  Less "despise" and more enjoyment.  Interesting that being careful and learning proper method will do that.  :)  Maybe I'll start in on a Halloween costume.  ^_^

Uhm... that's pretty much it.  Time is just flying by...

I'm off to make tomato soup.  :)

p.s. If someone you knew was going through a hard time, what quotes or such would you give to them?

Wednesday, September 14

Hi all. :)  Today I have tons of homework.  So... I'm posting instead of doing it.  ;)

Don't look at me like that.  I'll start in just a second...


Wednesday, September 7

I Don't Usually Post About Clothes

Today I wanted this dress:

I was sad about the price and the fact that I can't justify buying it since I won't wear it on my mission.
Then it occurred to me: "Beth, you're taking a sewing class.  That dress is probably one of the simplest types to sew that you've ever seen.  You could probably find all the materials for it in your basement.  You are stupid."

And I thought about that for a minute.
And then I decided I was super lazy and I'd worry about it later.
The end.

p.s. I should probably start sewing things I'll actually wear besides to comic con and Harry Potter midnight releases.  But who does that?!

Friday, September 2

Fall 2011

Well, ladies and gents, it looks like I made it to the first weekend of the semester!  With classes finalized and everything beginning to cool down into routine, I'm feeling a little better about introducing you to my classes and daily doings.  I have to be completely honest, after a two month reprieve, I've been completely thrown off of scheduling my own life.  It's already gotten me into trouble a few times.  However, life goes on.  Now, to the subjects...

  • Financial Management (BUS M 201)
  • Intermediate Sewing (SFL 287)
  • University Chorale (MUSIC 311R)
  • Doctrine & Covenants (REL C 324) 
  • Missionary Preparation (REL C 130)
  • Communication in Organizational Settings (M COM 320)
With this table of contents you may feel free to scroll down to my analysis of any that you find interesting, or skip the post entirely, having been basely notified of my doings.  :)

My first class is Financial Management.  This is the first class I've really ever had in the Marriott School, and I continue to feel a bit out of place.  Men in shirts and ties, women in nice suit skirts, everyone seems to be dressed as though they were going to be ambushed with a job interview!  While not everyone dresses this way (or hurries around on their phones like some tend to do), I still feel as though I've walked underdressed into a corporate office.  My class is about 100-200 people big, so it's not a very "up close and personal" deal.  It is, however, a direct punishment for slacking around accounting last summer.  Accounting was interesting and fun, but I dedicated very little effort to it (like... a B- worth of effort) because I didn't think I'd really ever have the desire to use it again.
Oh ho ho.  So far everything I've seen in the curriculum has included skills I had (supposedly) gained in accounting.  However, interestingly enough, going through it a second time I'm finding that the ideas and concepts I'd planted last summer seem to have matured.  Not only do I find aspects of the work doable, but I'm interested in learning them.  (I told Erin the other day--in some horror--that I was becoming attracted to business.)  Perhaps it's just the first week or perhaps I've actually come into something I feel good about.  In either case, I am (surprisingly) looking forward to the class.

Secondly, I am taking an intermediate sewing class.  Ha ha ha!  Yep.  I decided that since I've sewn with some regularity since I was younger, I deserved to skip the lower class and place myself pompously in the higher level.
This has already come back to bite me.  Those who know me and sewing know that I am impatient and imprecise--sinful qualities in a good seamstress.  However, I am pleased to say that correct use of this class may help me to overcome such tendencies.  When I first walked in, I had my doubts about whether I should stay or not, considering that the class does nothing for my graduation requirements.  But the moment I saw the teacher, I knew I'd stay just for her.  She is one of those women who--though older--has a rather small strict chin, wears dark lipstick, and has her hair dyed purply-red and spiked a few inches off her head.  She gave me a severe look when I admitted I hadn't taken the beginners level class, but she said rather offhandedly "well, you can just struggle through it."  I liked her for this, I admit it.  I am always game to struggle through new things--it's how I learn best.  She is a fantastic teacher, and--for perhaps the first time--I'm not afraid to approach a professor with questions.

Thirdly, I have university chorale.  This is a non-auditioned choir taught by three of the music major grads who are trying to become choir teachers.  I had my doubts at first (non-auditioned choirs can be a private hell for people who have been in auditioned choirs, not to offend anyone...) but I immediately realized that a majority of the 200 students in the room were in the same boat as me.  Namely, we are sad students with no time to dedicate to auditioned choirs who are dying to relive the joys of high school choir.  The sound is beautiful and we've begun to learn Irish Folk Tunes for a retreat we're performing at!  We'll also have a Christmas concert in December--about a week before I go into the MTC.  Excellent!
The teachers can basically be described as 1) a 20-something year old Captain Shakespeare (who doesn't cross-dress), 2) a skinny redhead who went on his mission to Ireland and therefore has a greeeaaat Irish accent (and voice.  He sang for us.  I could've died happy) and 3) a young woman of the enthusiasm and attitude of Breanna Asbell.  I absolutely love all three, and I'm very excited for the class.

Wow, I am long-winded.  Apologies again.  But I'm putting this down for posterity, so feel free to skim and skip.  ;)

Then, on the other days (I like to think of them as B days) I have Doctrine and Covenants (not much to say there.  The gospel is powerful, our teacher is amazing, and the environment is to die for) and Mission Prep.

I had my doubts about mission prep.  Honestly... I didn't think I needed it--nor did I want to be graded on my teaching abilities (since I'm so insecure and shy) but I finally caved and took it so I could get out of economics.

The moment I got into that classroom I knew I'd been utterly mistaken.  The class is like... 90% ambitious freshMEN who have yet to put in their papers at all.  But everyone is so enthusiastic.  Our professor (Brother Goodman) teaches with power.  He has been a mission president in Thailand, and he  seems to see us for more than we've ever seen ourselves.  Simply hearing him testify of the potential effect we will have in the mission field dispelled any fears I'd had.  And, after all, that's what the mission will be about.  Learning to dispel fear so we may have the spirit and faith to bring others unto Christ.  He says (offhandedly) things like "I'm as serious as a heart attack about this" and (my favorite) "blesseth thou" in response to someone's sneeze.  I've been in a room with him for less than an hour and I already know he will help me unearth much deeper meaning in my preparation.

Thanks to those two classes, I feel a bit like I'm already in the MTC.  Mission this, mission that, it's completing my every thought and predicting my every action.  I have never felt so good about a decision in my life.

Lastly, I have Communication in Organizational Settings.  This is (unbeknown to me) an English class for people who need to impress other people with their writing.  I think of it as my private punishment for teasing Grosland about grammar.  We are going to have to take a grammar test.  It is supposed to suck majorly and count for 10% of our grade.  And now, for the first time, having studied grammar more intensely in the last few days than ever before in my schooling career, I'm beginning to like it.


What can have ever happened to my good sense?

In any case, while I feel individually fantastic about these courses, I feel overwhelmingly... well, overwhelmed by them collectively.  It's a pretty easy schedule--what with two religion courses and a choir course, and only 14.0 credits.  In fact, I'm sure it's the easiest schedule I've ever had.  But I feel very stressed about the whole enterprise--something I attribute to my mission coming up, my summer break throwing me off, and other such things.  I really need to find my groove.

So there you have it.  An intense study of my classes for the none of you who wanted to read it.  ;)  


p.s. My favorite thing this week has been how cold my room gets when I wake up in the morning with the window open.  I love sleeping under warm blankets in cold rooms!  Perhaps this will work to my benefit in Wisconsin.
p.p.s. There is a boy in my mission prep class who's best friend is a) going to Milwaukee Wisconsin and b) leaves on Dec 14th as well!  Talk about awesome.  I told him to mention me.  ;)