Sunday, October 30

Writing for the Sake of Writing

So many times I just plop down here and write out paragraphs and paragraphs of stuff just for the sake of putting it down somewhere.  These things don't usually get published because they are a little too whiny and revealing for anyone's taste.  (Heh heh.)

I just want everyone to know that it's not easy being green.

Thursday, October 27

Problem Solving Steps

Ever considered your own?  I've read several peoples "ideas" of what problem solving entails, but when my professor asked us to write out our personal "problem solving steps", I really had to think.  We all have a response mechanism, don't we? 

In any case, she found mind amusing so I've decided to share it.  (Feel free to compare and contrast.)

1.  Recognize the problem.
  • Rather simply, register that a problem exists and that it requires action.
2.  Procrastinate doing anything about the problem.
  • This may involve stress and consupmption of unhealthy foods.
  • This step may also be avoided entirely, particularly when the problem doens't involve school or churhc assignments.
  • This step is probably very unnecessary, though I admit if it is used properly, it can bring inward contemplation and subconscious brainstorming.
3.  Analyze the problem and determine a solution.
  • As before, this depends on the urgency and the stress involved.  I am not a very systematic person, so analysis is usually very chaotic and/or subconscious.
4.  Execute the solution.
  • I'd like to note that this step varies.  Often a new (better) solution will come with a good night's sleep or an exra day's thoughtful contemplation.  
  • If other solutions don't present themselves, I'm often quick to act of the first solution that has occurred to me.
In general, I could sum up my efforts with the poor excuse that I am a lazy person, and that I am generally satisfied with minimal effort. :D


Wednesday, October 26

Mission Prep

In preparing for my mission, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to really understand what I'm actually putting off.  Does that make sense?  A day doesn't go by when something reminds me blatantly that I'm putting of marriage or having a family or my education.  I admit it, I feel a twinge of regret each time one of these things pass me--whether it be one of the several hundred adorable student fathers carrying their baby around in a snuggee, or my friend and her husband picking each other up from school or work, or I get an idea for my future wedding, or any such silly things.

Luckily, twinges of regret are more like pinches than throbbing headaches.  I've no real regrets, and it's a comfort.  But I still stop and wonder what life would hold for me if I changed my mind.

Today I was thrown a bone.  This doesn't happen often.  I was privy to an extensive, fascinating (somewhat horrifying) conversation about pregnancy on the bus yesterday.  The conversationalists were sitting next to me, and they didn't seem to care whether or not I was listening.  I admit, though I'm all for pregnancy and all that comes with it, by the end of the route, I was silently grateful that I get to put all that off for a few years.

I guess I can add a few non-mission related perks to leaving.  ;)

Saturday, October 22

Missing Summer

So, basically, during the summer Erin, Gros, and I kept a blog of our exploits (which became fewer and farther between as the summer wore on.)

I miss those times.  :(  So much that I went back and read through.  Here are some fantab highlights:

Jessica brought a lava lamp to the apartment, and greeted all her neighbors wearing her very best safari helmet.
Today Beth went to school. (*significant pause*) BWA HA HA HA HA HA - said Jessica and Erin.
And they are debating whether Cain is Bigfoot.
Then blue koolaid and cheesesticks happened. Good day.
Grosland is still possessed by Dragon Age. It is doing terrible things to her; she's a crazed mind-zombie for that game.

So, in honor of our productivity and being-good-ness, we went to the store and loaded up on gummy worms, Circus Animal cookies, and ice cream.

ANYWAYS, when they got back they began to play Pirates of the Caribbean on the PS2, when suddenly the doorbell rang and President Uchtdorf came wandering in with a meat lovers pizza and a tub of ice cream. He was all: "hey guys! I remember when you came to sing at the office building for us! That was bomb! Want some pizza?" And we're all: "sure! Want to play Bananagrams?!" and he's like: "Oh man, I love that game!" And so we played for a few hours.

The day was long. There were cows. Lots of cows.

Naturally, this eventually led to Grosland giving Jack Sparrow a Book of Mormon.

There is no amusement in this hellish quest of hers. After turning another corner and finding herself again at J-Dawgs, she stops and screams at the sky,

Wolverine looked over at Grosland. Their eyes met. He smiled.

Beth is still ill and still memorizing plants. She is excused from posting.

Gros eventually swung into the apartment bringing half of a large watermelon and also a turkey with her (Kinda like when somebody comes home all tipsy with a lampshade on their head and toting a bottle of booze, except for it was a turkey and a watermelon instead...)

Awesome, right? And DEFINITELY NOT A LAPDANCE!!!! (*Gros glares at Erin*)

It rained. On. Her. Head.
And pretty much everywhere else.So Erin had to hop in her car and go save the nearly-drowned Grosland. Grosland was very grateful, and very soaked.

Beth was dull. (The inevitable conclusion of responsibility.)

Gros was horribly disfigured today in an incident in which her family's cat jumped on her face while she was sleeping on the couch. There was blood everywhere and it was terrible and it's probably going to leave a huge scar and she's going to have to wear a mask like the Phantom of the Opera for the rest of her days... Or maybe she just got a small cut on her forehead. Whichever version you like better.

Turns out bears are way into laser tag, and their dens are all underground arenas. Erin, Gros, and Beth lost miserably to the bears, but the defeat was quickly forgotten when Gros challenged the leader of the bears to an arm-wrestling match to win back their honor. She won, of course, and the trio all high fived, and then high fived the bears, and then they all went out for frozen yogurt.

They sat on a wall and watched things explode in a good, American fashion. Then Beth went to her parent's house to spend the night, and Stouthearted Greg generously offered Grosland a ride back to her apartment.

Beth laughed harshly. "Yeah. A napkin with three words scrawled on it -
love, Gros'
- doesn't do a lot to reassure a person!"

"You can't NOT dance when you're making a potion, Beth," Gros said sternly.

"Hey, guys! I just realized we need to go buy groceries!" Erin interrupted, trying to ward off the impending argument. "Who wants gummy raspberries?"
Grosland and Beth both snapped their heads toward Erin, completely forgetting themselves. They raised their hands and jumped up and down in the air. "Ooh! I do! I do!"

"Jokes on YOU! My roommates aren't home, so I am in no way obligated to wear pants! HA!" she exclaimed, eye twitching, and strutted back into the living room in her drawers.

Then Grosland's eyes shot open and she sat up straight as a rod, looking around in alert suspicion. "Girls," she asked in a would-be-calm sort of voice, "why is the apartment full of chickens?"

"What's your problem?" Erin grunted, stirring and looking blearily up at them from the floor. "Did Gros use your computer to look up soccer things again?"
"Yes!" said Beth, sounding very perturbed. "She needs to learn to keep her sports to herself.""Hmm..." Erin nodded, then paused for a long moment, seemingly in consideration. "Y'know, guys..." she said finally. "I think we might be really really weird..." The other two nodded in agreement.

The door flew open, and Erin and Beth both stifled screams as he was immediately riddled with bullets. Andrew stumbled back against the railing of the balcony. Gasping, he held himself up on the rail and gave a rattling breath as a smirk crept slowly across his face. "So it was you..." he said to whoever was behind the door. "Well then, it will be interesting to see what you do... you inherit my target... it's her... "he pointed a shaking finger at another individual. "...are you going to kill her? ...your own roommate? ...your friend?" Another shot rang out, piercing Andrew's skull and effectively silencing him. He slumped down against the railing. Erin held back a whimper, and she and Beth ducked back inside. Through the slightly open window, they heard the other door click shut in the hallway. After a long, tense silence, a shot rang out from next door, muffled by the walls, and something heavy fell. More silence. Erin and Beth looked at each other, knowing exactly what had happened.

Before he had even finished, Beth had whipped out her CZ-75 and blown a hole through his head. His figure slumped over the seat and was still. Everyone on the stage was silent.
Andrew let out a low whistle. "That's rough, buddy."

"I don't understand..." Gros said, staring straight ahead and looking confused and worried.
"Neither do I..." said Erin, frozen in a similar position. "He has a mullet... He has a horrible earring... His picture should be in the dictionary next to 'the Eighties'... I... don't understand these... feelings..."
"You guys... I love him... Heaven help me, he has a mullet and I still love him!" Beth said, looking very frightened and upset.

They each blinked in disbelief. For the first time since Jareth had arrived they tore their eyes from him to glance at each other in amazement. Could it really be time? After so many years of waiting?
They shared a look of deep meaning, then they looked back at the Goblin King, and each began speaking at the same moment. Their voices were steady, despite everything."We wish the goblins would come and take us away . . . right now."Jareth grinned slyly once more.And then they all four
were gone.

But before they walked away, to their separate homes this time, they put a final stamp on the whole thing with their customized, not-quite-secret handshake. Jessica Grosland, Erin Asay, and Beth Black stood formally in a triangle formation and held out their right arms. They slapped hands in the center, smacked their chests with their fists, then thumbed their noses at each other. After standing erect for a moment longer, each of them broke into a wide grin, and they all started to laugh.
No, it wasn't over. Not by a long shot.

Monday, October 17

Some Rambling

Today something interesting happened.

I pulled out the electric guitar I have in my room, and began thumbing through the chords I'd been learning for a song I didn't really need to know how to play.  I studied the screen and practiced for a few minutes.  Then I stopped, leaned back against my bed, and frowned.

I didn't want to finish learning the song.  I wanted to be able to play it, but it wasn't important enough for me to devote attention to right now.

So I put the guitar away.  And I tossed the chords I'd been using.

The end.

I like the guitar.  I would like to learn to play it.  But I felt that I didn't want to play it as much as I needed to do other things.  So I prioritized and put it away.  And began working on my homework.

It's a rather simple story.  A silly occurrence.  But I can't help but step back from myself and say "who are you?  What have you done with Beth?"  It's hard to explain.  Let me give you a better example.

I got a new book in the mail the other day.  I'd been waiting anxiously for it to come out, as a conclusion to a series I'd been reading.  But when I opened it and began reading the first chapter, I was a little astonished to find that I wasn't as excited as I'd thought.  There was literally a small part of my mind saying "there's more important things to be doing!  Go work on your mission prep!"  

Guilt?  For reading a sci-fi novel?

I pushed such feelings away and began reading in earnest.

But that hesitation... that initial feeling is kind of haunting me.  See, lately I've been focusing so keenly on mission prep and temple prep and all sorts of spiritual stuff.  Sitting in my room, preparing lesson outlines and studying the atonement... pleading with Heavenly Father for a change in heart so I can be more effective.

While thinking on it today, I had a horrifying realization.  My reaction to the book had been that of a characteristic RM.  We always tease about recently returned missionaries because they are so awkward, so spiritually sensitive, etc.  They seem to have a hard time adjusting to normal life and normal activity.  But here I am, opening a harmless young adult novel, and thinking blankly "why am I wasting my time with this?"


I guess this is a two-part message for my dear readers.
1) Please don't take this as me saying "all activities non-scriptural are EVIL."  That's not what I mean.  But I guess right now I'm on a time-budget, and I have a lot to do before I go into the MTC.  Each moment I spend could probably be spent a little more wisely--especially in two months time when I actually leave.


2) Please don't make fun of me when I come home.  If this is any indication, I'm going to be very much your characteristic RM.  If not a little worse.  Go easy on me.  ;)

I guess I keep getting a little older while my back is turned, haha.  But don't worry.  I'm still procrastinating my research paper till a week before it's due.


Saturday, October 15


Very cool.  :)

I love this gospel.

Monday, October 10

Missionary Blog!

Haha, I've jumped the gun and "missionarified" my blog.  :)  In the future, my mum will regularly post update emails and pictures here for your utmost entertainment (or lack thereof).

Opinions?  Comments?  If you think it's downright ugly, please tell me.  ;)
And now some happy things:

Ever do this?
(Credit: the ever-awesome ktshy.)

A valid point.

Ron Weasley: Proving Hermione's point since 1991:

I intend to do this someday.  For real.

Mourn with him. :'(

Wednesday, October 5

October Times

Hi all!  Things are sooo busy now.  My classes are in full swing and because of my intense mission-prep class and my lack of social life, I'm pretty much in the MTC already.  I wasn't really thinking much about holidays at all... or even my birthday.  But then, out of nowhere....

DUN DUNNH!  Happy Birthday!  :D  

Yes.  That is right.  My deah mother took it upon herself to lighten my spirits with an early (and completely UN-missionary related) birthday gift!  Needless to say... I've been watching them in earnest.  What-ho!?  I love these men.

This week I've begun temple prep... if that isn't outrageously crazy.  And next week I will likely go through the temple.  For those of you who know me... you know that I have looked forward to this more than anything ever--including my mission.  Words.  Cannot.  Express.  

So, despite much homework and the beginnings of what I am sure to be a painful cold, I am under the impression that life couldn't really improve.  (And it still can.  Isn't that awesome?!)


P.S. Rain, hmm?!  :D