Tuesday, July 31

# 30

Hello again!  I've a surprise- I'm being transferred from my beloved Waukesha!  :(  
But no worries at all, because it will be left in safe hands with Sister Bastian and Sister Crossley.  :D  Meanwhile I am on to...

dun dun duh duh...

Green Bay!!  Yep.  For all you Packer Fans.  (I'm so uneducated in regards to sports that I don't claim to be particularly delighted with this.  I assume it's cool.  Please don't write and ask me about anything related to them.  I have NO idea.  I just know that some people paint their houses/fire hydrants/cars/dogs green and yellow.)  Still.  :)  Sister Bastian has served there and she LOVED it so I am very excited!  

Until Wednesday (which is when I will leave), they have AGAIN combined the Waukesha Area with the Wauwatosa Area.  So... back to a tripanionship.  Sister Huber, Sister Bastian, and I will be staying together till Wednesday.  :)  Best ever.  We will be unstoppable.  Once I leave, Sister Crossley will come and the three of them will cover both areas/wards until we get another Visa-waiter to be Sister Huber's companion.  Who knows when that will be...

Anyways.  Cool.  :)  Questions?  Comments?  Concerns? 

This week was great.  We had a lovely day yesterday, attending two entire blocks of church- the first so we could be with our investigators Michael and Pahoua (who are deaf) in the Kettle Moraine ward (they have someone who can translate into ASL) and then to attend our regular block.  It was lovely in both cases.  I love church.  I will miss this ward exceptionally!  But I am excited to see what Heavenly Father has in store for me in Green Bay.  :)

Pictures are of Sister Bastian and I with the Thompsons in the Waukesha Ward
And of our district.  Little explanation required.

Thursday, July 26

# 29

Hey!  'sup?  

Bret and Vikki Taplin (from Steven's Point) were baptized on Saturday.  :)  SO, that means five of the people I taught in my first area have been baptized!  Exciting, no?  Give me hope for some of the people here that we are trying to work with.  Things happen in Heavenly Father's time... and as people are prepared.  :)  

We did a lot of packing and moving this week.  Two of our investigators, Rachel and Duane, were moving into a new apartment.  Only issue being it was three flights of stairs up with no elevator.  ;)  So we got a lot of good exercise.  It was wonderful.  :) 

It feels like I've lived in Waukesha my whole life.  Funny, huh?  I love the ward here and the people we get to teach.  It's just fantastic.  

Last Sunday Sister Bastian and I tracted into a deaf couple.  Imagine my delight when Sister Bastian whipped out her ASL skills and taught them about the Book of Mormon!  They agreed to have us come back and they want to come to church next Sunday.  :D  We've already had another lesson with them.  Sister Bastian does all the talking, but she is teaching me little bits as we go.  I am now semi-capable at finger spelling, and I can basically testify of the Book of Mormon and the Restoration in sign.  :)  It's awesome.  

Anyways, I got TWO wedding announcements this week!  Crazy!  :D  Many congrats to Aubrey/Spenser and Diana/Dylan!  Another reminder that life is moving on, haha.  Makes me feel old to think that so many of my classmates are getting married and such.  AUGH.  

Well, I learned how to make stuffed chicken this week.  Maybe that's not an indicator of my eternal progress or something, but I was pretty excited.  ;)  Everywhere I've served (or rather... both places I've served) have had a gourmet chef or two in the branch/ward.  Makes me want to learn to cook something besides eggs and pasta.  But I dunno if I'd have the patience/precision for culinary school...

Anyways, onwards ever onwards.  Love you all!
-Sister Black

Tuesday, July 17


Temperatures continue to climb.  0_o  No tornados yet though.  You know, they have tornado sirens that they test every week.  Cool, huh?  Random tidbit for you.  :)  But they do them one at a time so you know it's not a real warning.  

Anyways, another great week.  The Spanish Elders had two baptisms on Saturday!  Sister Bastian and I got to be in the back to help the sister out of the water.  It was very tender-she was so happy to have made it!  It was rough going this last month, and everything was up against her.  But she made it through.  I love it.  :)

We also had zone conference (hence the awesome picture) which was fantastic as always.  This time around their major emphasis was the importance of inviting people to be baptized during the first lesson we have with them.  So Sister Bastian and I have been working hard to overcome the hesitation that always seems to come.  It's a little scary to ask people to make that commitment before you've taught them a few times!  But how wonderful it is to offer that and help them set that goal right from the start.  :)  We've already seen blessings for doing so.  

This transfer is flying by.  

This morning Sister Bastian and I locked ourselves out of Encarnacion's house.  Needless to say we were trying all the windows and awkwardly pulling screens from our bedroom window and falling head-first into the room (wearing skirts, mind you.)  Luckily it was a p-day and we had no urgent errands.  I only hope our neighbors' suspicions weren't aroused...

We met a woman who just moved into the ward yesterday.  Awesome lady!  Her job is in security and during our lesson she was tracking down a hacker on her computer.  Pretty cool.  :)  I'm thinking of a career change.

Anyways, I just got pictures of my loverly nieces and they are OLD.  D:  Which made me realize--I haven't seen pretty much any of you since December.  (Except for the pictures my mum sends of the family.)  So if you have any time/inclination, feel free to send me a picture of you or of something else interesting.  Whatever.  You can email them if you wish.  :)  beth.black@myldsmail.net

Stay cool.  Hope everyone's summers are going well.  :D

-Sister B.

Friday, July 13

A Wonderful Baptism

Beth recently sent this photo along with a lovely email about her past week, and in my numptiness, I somehow deleted it! I am so very sorry that her own wonderful words are not here to read (In my defense, I had just returned from a week long Wood Badge camp in Idaho. I hope I am allowed one blunder. But just the one!!)
About the photo (thankfully somehow I saved it), they were blessed to teach and baptize Georgia, pictured here.  Apparently her niece is now interested in being taught as well! Beth is so humbled and pleased to be a part of such wonderful blessings, and thanks you all for your letters and prayers. Next week you will hear from her yourself.
Have a lovely week!
Love Beth's mum