Monday, September 24


Hello all! 
This week was probably the most uneventful of my mission.  Seems as though everyone we are teaching was gone, and everyone we tracted into was either gone or frankly uninterested.  So... no cool stories. 
Though, I DID learn how to tie a noose.  I guess that can be qualified as super exciting.
I also realized I hit my halfway mark.  SO Sister Jones and Sister Bartell coerced me into taking a halfway there picture.  I tried to use no missionary stereotypes and instead tried to use Wisconsin ones.  See below.
Last week we went to the Green Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.  Coolest ever?  I think so.  We weren't sure what it was, so we just headed over.  Pretty much got to see all the birds I'd never seen but had wanted to see in my life!  And a coyote.  And other assorted animals.  Pretty awesome.  ;) 
We also had a fireside.  It went well. 
Sister Bartell's birthday was last week as well, so we had a bit of a party for her.  :)  She is a good sport. 
That's it I think.
Oh wait, I had an interesting experience the other day.  We were sitting around the kitchen table, talking about forms of transportation (Sister Jones, Sister Bartell, and I) and Sister Jones mentioned something about teleportation.  I began: "Oh yeah!  Like in Harry Potter where they-"  ***
And I realized that a bit of Harry Potter trivia wasn't there. 
"What's that called?" I asked Sister Jones.  "In Harry Potter?  The instant transport spell thing?"  She frowned.  "I don't remember." 
"But it's... I..." my eyes widened.  "I don't remember either."  We gave each other horrified looks.
A few minutes passed in desperate silence.
The mission is taking it's toll.  ;)
(Note: a few minutes later I remembered it was "apparation", so don't judge me too heavily.  I had to dust off a few things in my brain to pull out the word.)
AND, it's getting COLD.  Like... tights and sweater cold!  :D  MWAHahaha!
-Sister B.

Monday, September 17


Prepare yourselves... this is the lamest weekly email I have ever written.  Because I have no time to write much of anything at all.  A few things happened this week:
Stake conference.  (YAY!)
Cheryl decided to stop investigating.  :(
We found a new family that is friends with our stake president!  We are going to try and see them this week.  :D
I was told by a hairdresser that I have lice.  (Have I mentioned nothing interesting ever happens to me?  I will cease complaining immediately.)  I think she was mistaken though, because we checked really carefully (with Sister Bartell's help) and we could find NOTHING.  Just in case, though, I treated my hair with all sorts of nastiness to kill whatever might be there.  No signs yet.  Haha...
To be honest, I am surprised more missionaries don't get lice.  Have you seen the houses and areas we frequent?
Lastly, Sister Jones (as in our mission president's wife) spoke in Stake Conference.  She talked about how Heavenly Father has given her so many tender mercies on this mission.  She gave the example of how she had always wanted a two-story home so she could look out and see the leaves on the trees.  (She had always lived in a rambler.)  And at some point after she had arrived to the mission home, she was upstairs looking out the window and suddenly, it occured to her: He remembered.  
Heavenly Father remembered that she had wanted a two-story home.  :)  How crazy is that? 
I want you to think really hard.  Think about where you live, who you speak with each day, what kind of stuff you do on a regular basis.  Did he remember anything particular for you?
I think about Wisconsin.  I have always loved Little House on the Prairie.  American Girl.  Rain.  THUNDER.  Trees.  :)  All random little side-effects of this beautiful state.
And He remembered.  :)  Though I know there are powerful, deep, spiritual reasons I was called here to Wisconsin at this specific time, I can't help but smile as I think about the less-potent, tender mercies that have come to me over the last while.  Things that I wanted, and didn't really NEED... but things that God, in a very specific, loving way, has given me opportunity to see and experience.  
Oh the greatness and goodness of our Father.  :)
Ok, I wrote a little more than I was planning.  But hey, no complaints right?  Right?
Please have a wonderful week!  :D  Sorry, no pictures...
-Sister B.

Monday, September 10

#35 and #36

Sept. 4
Another week!  September is very welcome--Sister Jones and I are both hopeful that things will cool down a bit.  So far it's been a tad warmer than it was in August, though, so I am not sure what to think.  This morning we woke up and Sister Bartell's backyard was covered with dense fog.  It looked beautiful, but when we ventured outside we were instantaneously sticky.  :)  So... humidity is up.  So are mosquitos. 
Still, all is going well!  The mission is really gunning down.  We have a "yearly goal" for the number of people we hope to help into the church, which serves (as all of our goals do) to motivate and push us.  And with things winding down, the pressure is ON. 
We are teaching (mainly) two women right now.  Both are working towards being prepared for baptism on September 29th.  Please keep them in your prayers!
We've also been experimenting with jello and pudding this week, to disasterous consequences.  We had the brilliant idea to mix chocolate pudding with rasperry jello.  The finished product looked VERY much like liver.  But it makes an excellent substitute for fake blood/gore, so check it out.  (Pictures included below.) 
The only fairly "interesting" thing to happen this week (besides the usual mission awesomeness) was exchanges.  :)  Usually the Elders get to do exchanges on a regular basis with their District Leader, so the sisters don't really participate.  Recently, though, President Jones has decided that we ought to do exchanges as well!  So Sister Jones went to Appleton for the day (Tuesday night to Wednesday night) and Sister Ipson came here.  :)  Sister Ipson has been out ONE MONTH so I got to train for a day!  It was excellent.  :D  I was a little nervous (I've never been senior companion before, and I haven't driven in about 9 months) but all went well.  We had a few excellent lessons, and it was fun to switch up.  Most of all, though, it was a little crazy to realize that over the last 9 months I've actually changed a little into the missionary I wasn't sure I would become.  Funny how it's hard to recognize how much you've changed till you are reminded of who you were before, eh? 
Well, here's for September.  Hope everyone is loving school.  ;D  No matter how stressful it gets, just sit back and think about how DESPERATELY I would like to do your homework for you.  ;) 
-Sister B.

Sept. 10
Crazy, ya'all.  It's been another six weeks!  But things are staying the same for now.  :)  Sister Jones and I get to continue chipping away at Green Bay.  We are going to be putting on a fireside next Saturday, and now that school has started, we are going to try to work on campus with the LDSSA and institute.  Lots of fun!  Hopefully we will find some new people to teach.
The ward has asked that we start going around to a different auxilliary each week to present "missionary finding ideas".  It's pretty awesome.  ;)  This week we talked about creating a profile, and about "role playing." 
Which, incidentally, leads me to ask.  Have YOU made a profile?
Well go make one.  They are awesome.  :)  And don't worry about not being interesting or epic or religious enough for anyone to take notice.  Just MAKE one.  It's an act of faith.  :)  I grew up in the core of Mormon society to goodly parents who raised me to love the church.  And I still made one.  ;)  So make one.  :D  (please.)  And if you do, please let me know so I can find you!  I'd love to see.  :)  You can go find mine.  In fact, if you click on the little Book of Mormon on the pitatewer blog you can be directed RIGHT to it.  (Hopefully.  I haven't checked those links in 9 months, friends.) 
Speaking of which, NINE MONTHS?
Uhm... this week was good for missionary reasons also.  Cheryl is doing really well.  :)  We didn't get to see Megan, but this week she is planning on it.  We are trying really hard to fellowship the ward.  There are so many wonderful members here!  I'm not very good at talking with people and being outgoing though.  :/  Sister Jones is excellent, however, so she pulls me along.  We are a great team.
It is also RAINING and cooling down.  :D  Which, as you well know, makes me the happiest of missionaries.  Looks like I made it through my first Wisconsin summer.  :) 
Well, please PLEASE have a good week!  Decide now.  Because life is good. 
Love you all.
Pictures: Sister Bartell makes each of the sisters who live with her an apron.  :)  She just finished two from the last sisters who were here.  We decided to be aggravating and take pictures in them to send to them.  (We wore them first, haha.  ;)  She is now working on Sister Jones' apron. 
We have been exploring the forest/ravine/thing in Sister Bartell's backyard.  We found a cool little clearing with a stream the other day.  Beautiful.  :)  This picture is a little awkward.  I wasn't aware Sister Jones was taking pictures.  Whimsical, right?  ;D
-Sister B.

P.S. Did you watch the CES fireside last night?  GO WATCH IT.  SO amazing!  :D 
Also, they now have MINI Preach My Gospel manuals on!!! 

$4.00 and FREE shipping.  :D 
So, for those of you who had issue with the bulky design... no excuses.  Everyone should be studying this amazing book!
Sorry this email/post is bossy.  I feel bossy today.  And I'm a junior companion, so I never get to be bossy.  ;)  So bear with me here.
-Sister B.