Monday, October 29

# 43

Hey all!  This week was a little crazy, what with packing up and shipping Sister Jones out.  She is very missed.  :(  But I'm super excited to be with Sister Fontanetti!  She is an incredible missionary.  Her parents are from Brazil so she speaks fluent Portuguese.  Super awesome.  She goes to BYU as well and is majoring in (Musical Performance?) with an emphasis in Violin.  But she says she really wants to be in communications so I think that's where she'll end up after she graduates.  :)  She is a wonderful teacher besides, and she's absolutely hilarious.  So... things are going well.  :) 
Work is still a bit slow.  We're just trying to find solid people to teach.  :) 
I cannot believe it is almost NOVEMBER. So crazy!  We're not allowed out after four on Halloween (well... not allowed to knock doors.  For obvious reasons.  ;)  We had a ward Halloween party on Saturday and I really wish I could dress up!  But all good, we have plenty to be getting on with and I will have many more Halloweens. 
Last Monday we had an epic time at Sister Bartell's mum's house.  She made us "buns" and "beet and carrot juice" and we had a fun time exploring her attic/barn/sketchy-areas-around-the-land.  Sister Bartell's daughter, Megan, took us around and gave us a thorough tour.  It was fantab.  Unfortunately, Sister Jones left with all the pictures we took so you will have to do your best and imagine what it was like.  They slaughtered all their chickens on Friday but we didn't get to go... because we are missionaries.  *sigh*  But all good.
Otherwise, loving life.  :)  I was reading in the (May 2009?) Ensign today and some general authority (I don't remember which) talked about how if we are living righteously, then we have no reason to complain about anything!  All that we experience--ESPECIALLY when we are being the best we can be--is to help us grow in humility.  So cool.
Well, that's about it.
Weekly Challenge: Read through the Introduction to the Book of Mormon, particularly the first and last two paragraphs.  Practice with someone (or to your favorite plant if that is less worrisome to you) how you could use the introduction to show someone what the Book of Mormon is and invite them to read it.  :)  I also love using the third paragraph to teach people who "know of" the Book of Mormon but haven't read it.  You can testify to them that it teaches God's plan for us.

Love you all!  Decide to have a splendid week.  :) 

-Sister B.
p.s. We didn't take any pictures this week that I have with me.  So here is a picture of the woodpecker that keeps trying to nest in Sister Bartell's siding.  He is cunning--he knows when she is gone and he is not in danger.  He will only come pecking when we are studying and she is at work. 

Monday, October 22

# 42

Hello all!  This week was good.  :)  We got to have "mission tour" which pretty much means a general authority comes and speaks to us.  Elder Christoffel (sp?) Golden Jr. came.  He is from South Africa, and he was INCREDIBLE.  (Well... he still is.  His teaching was also incredible.)  He came down very hard on us (in the best way) about our work and the importance of having faith and not allowing our doubt or discouragement to overpower it.  He said many powerful things, emphasizing to us that the Lord is "hastening His work" as evidenced by the age requirements changing for missionaries.  Absolutely true.  He and President Jones said that things are going to be changing in mission work, and we just need to stay focused while we still have time. 
He focused also on how our faith is "nothing more or less than our personal righteousness".  I love that.  :)  Faith can seem such an abstract concept sometimes.  It can be easy to forget that we are in total control of our faith.
In other news, we have been "dropped" by all but two of our investigators.  So please keep us in your prayers.  These next few weeks we will be trying hard to find those who have been prepared.  At mission tour the spirit kept pressing me to trust that there are several families/individuals who are prepared and seeking after this gospel in Green Bay.  And we just need to increase our faith and obedience in order to find them. 
I know it is true.  Even as I type this I feel warm confidence wash over me.  :)  It is so wonderful to be here and to have this chance. 
Sister Jones is being transferred to Appleton on Wednesday.  My new companion, Sister Fontanetti, is a fantastic gal.  :)  (I've met her a few times.)  So we will see how things progress from here! 
How wonderful that Heavenly Father is enabling more of his daughters to serve missions?  We were in the Young Women's yesterday to talk with them about missionary work and such and I felt the Holy Ghost testify very clearly to me that this is nessecary to prepare them for the difficulties of the future, and ESPECIALLY prepare them to raise men and women who will be prepared to serve as well.  I will say it again- NOTHING has prepared me to raise my future family so well as my work here.  I never would have fully understood the Gospel of Jesus Christ as I do now.  I don't know everything... but I feel that my priorities are shifting to better things. 
Anyways, for the last few weeks I have had the idea to start giving a "challenge" of sorts in each update... something that my readers can do if they feel the desire.  :)  Mostly things that I have had the opportunity to do and that have helped me to grow or change.  Hopefully it will benefit someone.  Or maybe it's just a silly idea.  Take it as you please.  ;) 
Have a wonderful week!  Pictures: one from Mission Tour.  (It wouldn't load properly to save so you only get half.  Elder Golden is on the bottom, third from the left.  His wife is next to him.  She was absolutely wonderful as well.)
Weekly Challenge: Read the talk "Unleashing the Dormant Spirit" by Elder Busche.  This talk has changed my mission/life.

-Sister B.

Monday, October 15


This week was boring.   
Well, we did have a few stories.  We went to see the young man we had talked about teaching last week, and he told us he would be "out in a minute" but we could talk to his dad Pastor Dave (who we met last time) for a few minutes.  So we went and talked with Pastor Dave about the Book of Mormon until someone came out and said that he had run off.  Pastor Dave aplogized and said his son tended to do this-invite people of other faiths to come and talk to him.  But Pastor Dave gave us his number, so perhaps we will be able to have some more talks with him.  :)
Uhm... we also went to see Lambeau field (I hope I am spelling that right.  Apologies!) which was great and pictures are included. 
Otherwise... just pressing onward. 
1. Lambeau Field
2. Sister Jones in the Visiting Team's entrance.  (We got to walk through the Packer's entrance.  Let's just say it's much more impressive.  ;) 
3. A really bad attempt at a district photo.  (Heaven knows what went wrong.  I like it though because you cannot see my face.)
4. The best leaf pile ever.  We helped Sister Bartell rake up the leaves in her yard.  This is most of them... SO far. 

-Sister B.

Monday, October 8


Hey der!  Another week has flown by.  This one was especially delightful because we had ZONE CONFERENCE which is always great and GENERAL CONFERENCE which is like Christmas for missionaries.  :) 
This week we also contacted our first new investigator in several weeks.  :)  I cannot begin to express what a great relief it is to have someone new to teach.  We've been looking and looking and we are so grateful!  As always, Heavenly Father has his own agenda and I know for certain that he has been steadily breaking through my less-desirable habits and agenda.  I am so grateful to him.  :)
In other news, I was utterly shocked about the age requirement change for missionary work.  :D  I probably sat there with my mouth open for several minutes before I could run upstairs and tell Sister Bartell.  I am SO EXCITED... most especially because I will hopefully get to see the beginning of it as I still have 9 months.  :)  I still remember half-heartedly wishing that the age limit would change when I was waiting anxiously the 1-2 years before I could go.  I am excited for those sisters who now have the opportunity.  :)  (I immediately had several of my friends/family float through my mind who now COULD go, so if you are thinking about it, please let me know!  I am SO curious!  :D)
No pressure. 
What a beautiful time to be alive!  :D  And especially to be in this glorious church.  I am so grateful to be out here!
Anyways, not much else to report.  It is getting COLD.  In a good way.  :)  I had to put away my summer things and get out my winter things yesterday, and I hear tell of SNOW in the U.P.  Crazy to think we're coming back around to winter! 
Got my flu shot also.  Did I mention I have a hard time with needles?  Just the feeling of them going in my arm... *shiver*  Sister Jones laughed out loud at how white I was when I came out of the office.  But it's alright, I bought myself some mallowcreme pumpkins to tide off the faintness.  ;) 
Well, I'll stop talking your ears off.  Thank you for all the lovely letters!  Each is a tender mercy.  :) 
Just some silly pictures this week.  We hiked back through the Ravine behind Sister Bartell's house.  Found ourselves some beautiful leaves and some entertaining camera functions.  :)

Have a good week!  Be missionary minded!  (And no, that doesn't nessecarily mean "be easily entertained.")  
-Sister B.

Monday, October 1


Hey all.  :)  This is going to be a bit random, because I forgot my September planner at home (since it is now October) and I am absentminded enough to not quite be able to recall what has happened this week.  Go figure.
This week we did a bit of exchanging.  On Wednesday we did exchanges, so I got to go work with Sister Ipson again-but this time in HER area.  So I got to return again to Appleton-which was where I'd done exchanges in January (which, come to think of it, was quite a while ago!)  It was fun.  :)
Then Thursday night the sisters from Marquette, Michigan came down to stay the night while the zone leaders took their truck down to Greendale to do an "exchange" for their lovely new one.  :)  So we got to work with them in Green Bay on Friday.
So all in all, I'm a little off center.  It is good to be back in the swing of things.  :)
We drove out to see some of our recent converts in Oconto Falls--a good hour long drive from here.  On the way, my GPS took us on a road that was QUITE off the beaten path.  We weren't sure if our Malibu would make it through, as it seemed to be made for trucks and four-wheelers.  :)  But we did get some amazing pictures.  Have I mentioned how BEAUTIFUL Wisconsin is?!
I also had the opportunity to have lunch with some of my mum's friends, the Rackhams.  :D  They took Sister Jones and I to Applebees for a scrummy meal.  It was so fun to hear stories about my mum and her siblings and my grandpa and grandma.  :)  They had some of the funniest things to say.  I'm so grateful I got to meet them!  It was definitely a highlight of my week.  
Anyways, the work is going well enough.  We're having a bit of trouble finding people to teach.  We are trying to work more closely with the members and trying to catch up with some who were contacted in the past.  Lots of fun!
We got to watch the General Relief Society Broadcast on Saturday as well.  Everything was so lovely!  I am excited to support our new presidency.  :)  They seem to be lovely women with beautiful testimonies.
Lastly, some pictures of our lovely drive.  :)  Makes me think of fireworks.  Or at least sno-cones.  And Sister Rackham took a picture of us together.  :)  
Love you all!

-Sister B.