Thursday, December 27

#50 and #51

December 26, 2012

Hey, MERRY CHRISTMAS!  :D  How was it?  It was so wonderful for me!  We had some lessons/meals with members of our ward, and I have never been so well-fed in my entire life.  We also got to Skype/call our families, which was lovely as well.  :)  It's funny how apprehensive I get about calling home and then it's no worry at all and I'm back to business right after.  I do miss everyone though!  Looks like you are all surviving without me.  The next time I call home, I will have one more transfer left.  Weird?  I think so. 

Hmm.  Otherwise, this week has been very sweet.  :)  There is a special feeling, whether I am sleeping in and lazing around with my family, or I am tracting in 15 degree weather at 8:00 PM.  You just feel... close to Christ.  You are more aware of Him, more aware of the joy and peace that you have found ONLY because of Him!  And when you have that degree of focus, the Holy Ghost has your attention and He can direct you with power.  :)  I really want to make a point in my life to have that focus more often.  People speak of "remembering Christ" all the year round.  And we do, right?  We go to church and such.  But what about remembering Christ all the day long?  What if Him and His example were at the forefront of your thoughts all the time?  What would that do?  What could you become? 

Anyways, hope your Christmas was as full of joy and good food as mine was.  ;)  New Years is coming, so make some goals.  :)  There is an excellent section on goals in Preach My Gospel.  ;)  

Weekly Challenge: Write a missionary (it doesn't have to be me) and tell them about a Spiritual experience that means a lot to you.  :)  It can really invite the Spirit into their day, especially if they are having a hard time.   

Sister Fontanetti and I are doing well.  :)  As usual.
Love you all! 

-Sister B.

December 17, 2012


What a RAINY weekend it has been.  Wisconsin?  Snow?  Nope.  ;)  Not that I'm truly complaining, because I'm sure everyone here is very happy with the lack of snow.  But I was sad to see the snow we had melt away in the rain.  :(

This week has been good, just still working with our people.  :)  We are teaching so many wonderful people right now.  And I just found out that another of the lovely women I taught in Waukesha was baptized!  I am so excited for her!  :D  :D  :D

I am so grateful for the birthday greetings I recieved as well.  I love all of you and I hope you know that I am overwhelmed with how supportive you are of me.  :)  It really gives me courage to work harder and give my best.

I also got a new coat (pictured below), which I am very grateful for.  It's getting very VERY windy, and snow or no snow, wind is the killer.

I got to do exchanges in Appleton with Sister Jones.  That was pretty awesome.  :)  It was way too fun to work with her again.  We got to see some wonderful people in the Appleton ward.  She took some pictures of us, but I don't have them so too bad for you.

Not really sure where this email is going, so I should probably just stop here.  ;)  I probably won't write again before Christmas, so HAPPY CHRISTMAS to each of you and make the best of it.  :D

Also, just in case, if the world ends (mwahaha) it was great knowing each of you.  I only wish I was with my brother, who I am very sure is the most prepared-for-a-zombie-apocolypse person I know.  *sigh*  It's been real.

Weekly Challenge: Pray and come up with someone you could visit this week, whether it is a person you home/visit teach, or a friend/relative you haven't seen for a while.  Go visit them and let them know how thankful you are for them and wish them a Merry Christmas.  :)  Share with them a quote or a scripture you have been inspired by.  (You can do this with more than one person, obviously.  But AT LEAST one.  Try to do it before the world ends.)
-Sister B.

Monday, December 10

# 49

Dec. 10, 2012

Hey all!  I am short short SHORT on time so I will be brief.  It was a good week, great birthday, etc.  The family we are teaching CAME TO CHURCH so I am super excited.  :D  They have five crazy kids, but they all went to primary and loved it. 
It SNOWED.  Lovely lovely snow.  :D
Pictures: Megan made me a birthday message and taped my door over with a bag of packing peanuts which fell all over my groggy 6:30 AM self as I went to exercise.  Best ever.  :)
She also made me some posters.  :D
Sister Bartell made me a surprise orange cake.  :) 
And it SNOWED this morning.  I am delighted. 
Weekly Challenge: In Preach My Gospel, chapter 2 (the one on Effective Study), find something you don't already do or haven't already tried and apply it to your own scripture study once a day this week.  :)  Be consistant!  I know if you do this you will be able to improve the quality of your study and your reception to the Holy Ghost.
Good luck with life.  We have the good news of the gospel.  :D  Remember, Christ told us to "fear not" because we have nothing to fear... except for sin.  Be happy!
I Love you all!
-Sister Black


Monday, December 3

# 48

Dec. 3, 2012

Hey all!  What an awesome week it has been.  :D  We are plugging along and continuing to work with the sweet families we are teaching.  It is a marvelous season to spread the gospel.  :)  The church has launched a new website (Weekly Challenge: Check out and share it with someone) to spread Christmas joy and to help people learn about our beliefs in regards to Christ.  It is wonderful!  We had a special training about ways to share the gospel and bring the Christmas spirit to those we meet.  

Funny how it's DECEMBER.  Woah!  Sister Fontanetti's birthday is December 1st and mine is December 4th, so we've decided that today (December 3rd) is our "birthdays observed" (since we can't really party it up on our real days).  Kind of like President's Day except we aren't presidents and today isn't a holiday for anyone else.  

This week we have some serious lessons planned, so please keep us in your prayers!  

In other news, this week is Transfers.  Sister Fontanetti and I get to stay together for another six weeks, though.  :)  I am excited to stay in Green Bay.  This will be the longest I've been in an area so far on my mission.  (Steven's Point-->2 Transfers, Waukesha-->3 Transfers, Green Bay-->4 Transfers)  I am very excited.  We have wonderful things going on here, and a fantastic ward.  :D  

Hmm.  And I love living with Sister Bartell and Megan.  :)  It is wonderful.  

Also, wasn't the First Presidency Christmas Devotional WONDERFUL?  I just love President Monson, President Uchtdorf, and President Eyring.  You can just feel their love and the love of our Heavenly Father whenever you hear them speak.  :)  I highly recommend you watch it if you haven't already.  And then go watch it again if you get too caught up in the craziness of the season.  :)  

Anyways, as promised I have some pictures this week.  :)  

-->Sister Fontanetti
-->The Sturgeon Bay church building (don't worry, it's not the smallest one in the United States.  THAT is in Germfask, which is also in my zone.)
-->Me by some ferries. 
-->The Sturgeon Bay historic bridge.  :)
-->Sturgeon Bay.  :D  GORGEOUS area. 
-->Some typical road in Wisconsin.  This is pretty much what I see ALL the time.  (It is beautiful though.  Notice, however, the lack of MOUNTAINS...  ;)  

-Sister B.

Saturday, December 1

# 47

November 26, 2012

Ok, they don't have enough computers for us today so I'm limited on time.  But things are going super well!  I can't believe it's almost December.  We got our first snow yesterday and it has made everything look so beautiful.  :)  

Uhm... yeah.  There isn't much to be said.  Love you all!  I will write for reals next week, I promise.  I even have some photos.
Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  Ours was as fantastic as can be expected on a mission.  ;)  Lovely food!  I met the first stuffing I have ever LOVED, so that's cool.  :)  (Those of you who know me know that I'm not usually a fan.)

And, rest assured, I ate a lot of pie.  What else matters?  :D

I am also coming up on 22 years old.  That's super weird.  But 2+2=4 and that's my lucky number, so I think I will like it.  :)
For those of you who would like to surprise me for my birthday but are at a loss of what to send, you may send me a RECENT photograph that contains all of the following:

You wearing a hat (of any kind), holding a sign that says I am awesome/epic/the best/whatever/old.  Use your imagination.  Bonus if you have some kind of animal in the picture with you.

These can be emailed or sent via snail mail.  Thank you for your time.

Weekly Challenge: Go on Google and type in an ancestor's name.  Make sure to put quotation marks around it.  (For example, "Mary Chillins") which will search for the name EXACTLY.  If it's a common name, try adding a year they were born or something outside of the quotation marks.  See what comes up!  I have found several wonderful accounts/stories because of it.


-Sister B.