Saturday, June 29


I'm back!  For reals.  I'm writing this just to let you know.  I don't really know what to write or anything...

So this is a boring post.

But what else?  :)

Tuesday, June 25

# 76 (Last mission post)

Hello all! 

This week was pretty good!  All I can think about right now is how much I smell like Oyster sauce.  Our Hmong friends Mee and Chong were teaching Sister Lybbert and I how to make stuffed chicken, and I am now full and content.  And smelling like Hmong food.  So I can't really think about anything else.  It was really good.  I have a few more pieces waiting in the fridge at home.  :)

For some reason everyone wants me to come say goodbye to them, so that has occupied most of our mornings.  I think sometimes that the most difficult part of a mission for me has been getting to know so many people and then having so many of them wanting to keep in contact with me.  It's great and all... but stuff like that stresses me out.  We all know I'd be very content if everyone I met kinda forgot about me after I left.  ;)  But life isn't supposed to work like that and if I am to be a covenant-keeping daughter of God I need to make and keep relationships with others so I can help them and allow them to help me.

I'm learning that slowly. 

This has been the fastest week of my life.  It's horrible.

I've eaten a lot of food... my favorite gyros and Culvers as a goodbye.  Maybe I can be healthy in Utah.  ;) 

We had a training on Thursday for Sister Lybbert and all the other 12 week old missionaries.  She is doing so well.  :)  Now she will have to move on and learn to live with a new companion who is probably cool like me but not cool in the same ways as I am.

The nice thing about leaving is that we have an excuse to go see all the random people and investigators that we haven't really seen for a while.  We've got back in contact with some, so that has been a blessing.  :) 

This is probably only going to get more confusing and boring, so I will just say goodbye.  See ya on the other side?  Or, as Mormons say, "till we meet again".  :)
My jump drive just ran out of room for pictures.  I guess that's that.  I will miss it here dearly.  :(  Please be nice to me when I come home. 

1. Stuffed chicken.  :) 
2. Heather's kids and some kids she was babysitting... I will miss em.  :(
3. Last district!  This is a horrible pic, but whatever. 

-Sister B.

Tuesday, June 18

# 75

I think what impresses me the most about the crazy business of getting close to the end is how completely unreal it feels.  I think I am in denial... because I don't feel trunky or stressed or worried.
That's going to change, I'm sure.  For now I count it as a tender mercy.  People ask over and over how I'm feeling, so I may as well say it here.  I'm doing perfectly fine.  As far as my brain is concerned, there was nothing before Wausau and I'm not leaving. 
Sometimes doing missionary work makes me want to study psyochology. 
Anyways, in other news, the large group photo you see is of our ENTIRE mission.  We got to gather together for a "mission tour" in Neenah, and for two hours we were spoken to by seventies Elder Funk, Elder Ward, Elder Nielsen, and Elder Clayton of the presidency of the seventy, and Elder Oaks of the quorum of the twelve apostles.  :)  It was so wonderful to shake each of their hands!  Elders Clayton, Ward, and Funk all came to our Stake Conference the next day, and Elder Clayton called upon Sister Lybbert to bear her testimony in front of everyone.  He apologized to her afterwards.  It was awesome.  :) 
They spoke quite a bit about the desires of our hearts and the process of repentance.  The last few weeks have been very revealing to me about the process of categorizing and prioritizing our desires and of tracking and recording the process of repentence and change we make in our lives.  I hope to make some very sincere changes in the way I view the Atonement and the Plan of Salvation in the next year...
Anyways, today we hiked to one of the hightest points in Wisconsin.  :)  Seeing as I've lived at a pretty fair elevation my whole life, I found it very amusing.  :)  Elevation 1940 Feet. 
Next week's email will probably be much more insincere and dry.  It's just one of those times.  But I hope each of you have a wonderful week!!

-Sister B.
1. Our Mission
2. Us on one of the highest points.  (I think they said it was the 2nd.)
3. Me on the lookout tower (which was higher than the rocks.  View was AMAZING.)

Monday, June 10

# 74


Heather and Ian got baptized Saturday!!  :D  :D  :D
There's always a few points of each baptism that seem to stand out and define the experience.  I think for this one, it was when we were standing with Heather after she'd been baptized.  She was all drenched in her jumpsuit and holding a towel around her shoulders, and we watched from the side as her son Ian also was baptized.  She had a soft smile on her face that showed so much peace of mind and heart. 
I don't know how I could be so lucky to be here! 
Anyways, sorry for the lack-of-writing last week.  On Saturday night Sister Lybbert began to have difficulty breathing, and a doctor in our ward recommended we go to the ER.  (Side Note: I've only been to the ER 3 times in my life, and all 3 were on my mission.  Weird.)  They did some extensive tests, x-rays, CAT scans, etc, and in the end they couldn't find anything particular wrong.  They gave her an inhaler and sent us home (at 12:15 AM.  Woooo!)  She was getting enough oxygen, so we weren't super worried. 

But the next day it only intensified and by evening, after she got a blessing, we all decided she should go to the ER again.  That night we were admitted so they could monitor her and give her steroids throughout the night.  (Another Side Note: I've never slept in a hospital before.)
We stayed the next day and they did some more tests/scans/etc.  The kept us another night and by the next day, still having no conclusive causes, they released us both with a return check-up set for the next week.  (She was still getting enough oxygen and not responding to any treatments, so they concluded it was psychosomatic.)
Sister Lybbert was a good sport about the whole thing, and by the end we were both VERY ready to leave.  But we had a lot of TLC from the other missionaries and a few wonderful ward members.  :) 
Very exciting.  The rest of the week was pretty hard, but by Saturday, her breathing had cleared up.
Anyways, THAT is pretty much the only crazy thing that happened this week.  It's been cold and rainy for most of the week (which I love, but everyone hates, so no compromise there.)  We were both worried that things would be too messed up for the baptism to happen, but the Lord had other plans in mind.  :)  We have been very blessed.
So that's that.   
1. Sister Lybbert and I discovered a "dramatic effect" setting on her camera.  While in the hospital we took a lot of zombie pictures.  This is me and our lovely Sister Snow.  :)  I already looked like a Zombie because I couldn't figure out till the second night how to recline my chair into a sleeping position.  ;)
2. Baptism!  Heather, Ian, and her daughter Janelle.  (She turns 8 next month.)  Also, Bro. Woodruff, who baptized them.  (Yes, he is descended from Pres. Woodruff, and he's the local newsman.  Cool!)
3. A barn.  

-Sister B.

Monday, June 3

# 73

Please forgive me, things have been a little crazy, and we do not have time to email much this week.  All is going well!  I will write more substantially next week.  :)  Love you all!

-Sister B.