Tuesday, November 26

Haiku and Update

School is almost done.
Little do I care because

Yesterday I went to a counseling session for the first time.  After some discussion, she gave me a kindly look and asked "are you the type of person who worries about worrying?"

Why yes.  Yes I am.

How did she know?  0_o

Second question, how the heck do you go from "Nice, we are dating and isn't life wonderful?" to "Let's transition this mess into an engagement and completely change lifestyles?"  Isn't there a transition phase?  If there is, it seems to be "aaauuuuuuuuugggghhh what is going on in my brain?!?!  I am so confused!  Is this real life?!"

Sorry for the confusion!  I am not engaged.  Not within the next while, I promise.  ;)