Monday, March 24

Survival Mode

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This article is about the game mode. For the subgenre, see Survival horror.

Survival mode is a video game mode in which the player must survive the game for as long as possible, while the game sends waves of challenges to the player that become more difficult with each subsequent wave.[1] Another variant of the mode requires that the player reach a certain point before losing the game.[2] The mode is particularly common among tower defense games, where the player must improve the defenses of a specific location in order to repel enemy forces for as long as possible.[3] Survival mode has been compared to the gameplay of classic arcade games, where players face off against increasingly stronger waves of enemies.[4] This mode was intended to give the game a definite and sometimes sudden ending, so that other players could then play the arcade game as well.

Popular games that have a survival mode include zombie games such as those in the Left 4 Dead series,[5] games in the Call of Duty series following Call of Duty: World at War,[6] tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies,[7] and Gears of War 2.[1] Also, sandbox games such as Minecraft take advantage of this gamemode by having players survive the night time from different varieties of monsters such as skeletons, zombies and Creepers.

I like this because it describes my current circumstances pretty well.  :)  I am in a video game.  And I get the feeling that someone wants to play and they are trying to get me to lose so that they can get a turn.


Friday, March 21

I Am Deliberately Avoiding Preparing for My Competition

I feel a certain bitterness when it comes to cold sores.  It is like there are viruses living in my sinuses that can come out and mess with my face whenever they are having a bad day.  What if you could do that?  "Worst day ever.  I think I will go make someone feel like their mouth is covered in 2nd degree burns."

Though, technically, I could do that.  I have the power.  It's on my face.  Right now.  All I need is an unwary do-gooder that doesn't mind sharing Chapstick.  Beware, friends, the bitterness of people with active cold sores.

On that note, I just realized that both of my "first" kisses were preceded by the warning "I have a cold sore" which was then thoroughly ignored.  I guess if you have an objective, trivial things like being the eternal companion of the herpes virus aren't an issue.

Sunday, March 16

Sweet Sunday Feelings

Today we had a lesson about the Atonement.  Of course haha.  But it is such a beautiful topic... I feel like if you have the slightest worry, it can help you face it.  :)  I'd been feeling really down... on myself... inadequate, etc for my schoolwork and my calling.  And we each had a hymnbook under our chair with a burden of some kind attached to it on a note card, and we were to go up one by one and pile them into some poor dude's arms as he represented the Savior.  

Burdens included: "lying", "being unkind", "cheating on a test".  The teacher asked us to carefully consider when we had faced or felt similar burdens.  To think carefully about how or if those were lifted.

My burden said: "denying your divine nature."

Oh man, I started crying when I read that.  The Spirit lightened my heart and indicated that of all the mistakes I was making or felt I was making in my life, this was the most burdensome.

Think about that.

I walked up and laid it on the ever-growing pile of books in the poor Elder's arms.  And I felt something very physical and negative withdraw from me as I considered the full weight of what it meant.  To be a divine being.  To have a divine nature.  

To be pursued by an evil force that causes me to continually doubt who I am.  

This is also taken into account by Christ's redeeming love.

I know that once again.

I feel like I have been really slacking on building my relationship with my savior these last few months.  I've been too stressed and tossed around from responsibility to responsibility.  How do you maintain a strong relationship with your Savior?  And in particular, with the Atonement?  I need advice.  :)

Tuesday, March 11

Some Things I Don't Like About Modernity

Sorry, I feel like complaining, and this seems like a viable thing to complain about.  :)

1. Putting only one space in between sentences. I don't care about white space balance, double spaces make me happy.

2. Always having 50 billion things to do with your free time and only getting one accomplished: namely, catching up on your social networking media.

3. The state of the world.  (Living in sin, yadda yadda.)

4. That I'll have to battle my children over the use of electronic devices and/or social networking media from the time they are very young.

5. Getting things too easily and caring about them too little.

6. How quickly/unrestrainedly relationships are created, "develop" and die.

7. There are more.

On that note, I do love this world and I am happy to be here.  :)

But frankly, I am disappointed about the double space thing.

Sunday, March 2

Choose Your Own Adventure

So Joseph (my WML) and I are preparing a lesson.  I think I mentioned it before... We want to get the ward excited about missionary work.  :). So we were trying to brainstorm ways to begin the lesson in a way that would be fun and draw people in.  Somehow (maybe probably the Spirit, I am not sure), I had the sudden random idea to write a "choose your own adventure" story to illustrate the importance of little decisions.

Here is the result:  hope you enjoy!  (It is meant to be dumb.)

Also, I TOTALLY recommend this website.  It is awesome!  :D