Tuesday, December 16


And then life exploded. Hello everybody! I'm still here, albeit a little flustered and confused about the speed at which time has been passing the last few months. I suddenly realized it was December when I turned 24 the other week.

Strange . . .

Does adulthood come when you have children? I mean, I'm 24. I feel like a teenager. I have friends who are married. They still kind of feel like teenagers. I have classmates who have a baby or two. They don't feel like teenagers at all. They feel like something else, apparently, which I can only assume is adulthood. But they seem to like it, so I'm not very afraid.

Ian and I are still on track to get married next year. We've pinned a time down to "early summer" whatever that really means (considering that "summer" for BYU students seems to start in April, the season we refer to as summer technically starts in June, and most of my life I've considered May to be the start of summer because it's traditionally been the start of vacation.) We're hoping to go to Cuba in July, so I personally hope it's all settled by then so I can have even more of an excuse to hang around someone who is fluent in Spanish.

If there's one good thing about waiting more than a year before getting married, it's that the nervous angsty side of you starts quieting down a little bit because the impatient, excited bit of you gets a chance to grow stronger as you learn more about your semi-quasi fiancĂ© and that he isn't perfect but you two can get along splendidly while also not always being perfectly ok with each other.

My hands smell like feta cheese.

Punchline, I still feel like a teenager, albeit a silly one that has decided to get married even though she doesn't feel like she could possibly be old or mature enough to take on such a commitment. But I guess that's what makes this entire endeavor so strange and interesting . . . 

Now I'm finishing up finals while helping Ian finish up applications. 

Here is where I may move next fall (in no particular order):

  1. Connecticut
  2. Indiana
  3. Illinois
  4. Wisconsin
  5. California (specifically near Los Angeles)
  6. Texas
  7. North Carolina
  8. New York
  9. Philadelphia
  10. New Jersey
  11. Massachusetts
Honestly? I have no idea what I'd prefer. I want Ian to be happy with the school he goes to. But each place sounds like an adventure (though frankly Wisconsin would be pretty cool just because I freakin would be living in my mission. Whaat?) 

I guess we'll see in the spring! There is, of course, a chance that he will not get into any of them and we will stay at BYU. Or, you know, fulfill all of his wildest dreams and go live in Mexico for a year or two and do some schooling there. Also an adventure. Maybe certain death. For sure a world of digestion issue. ;)

SO yeah, that's my life. Don't worry, I'm back on board with writing (I know you all missed me.)