Wednesday, November 11

Wednesday, June 10

The End

Hello again. :)

So... I'm getting ready for my life to go a little haywire. I'll be married next Friday. I'll spend July in Cuba. August will be nutso. And in September I'll move to LA and THEN things will begin to settle down a bit from there on out. But my life will be a lot different than it is now.

So, I've come to a decision. Since I'll be starting a "new phase" as it were in my existence, I'm going to retire this blog and start a fresh one about my new life.

As for now, I doubt I'll find the time or motivation to write for the next couple of months. So this is my goodbye.

You will find me again in September at
I'll hopefully have some stories for you then. :)

-Beth Black

Sunday, May 10

Enough of that...

I'm abandoning my list of prompts, I hope you don't mind.

Hello! Yay! Spring semester.

First off, happy Mother's Day. :) I hope yours was a good as mine. (That isn't to say I received motherly honors, but I enjoyed spending time with mine.)

Mother's Day Bouquet 
I haven't kept my mac and cheese promise, I'm sorry. :( This week I will repent. I did make yummy zucchini lasagna for dinner tonight for mothers day. Mum found a recipe for a "mock apple pie" used during the depression - you use ritz crackers and a sour lemon-cinnamon sauce for the inside. No apples at all (I assume they were hard to come by.)

Let's just say we are not only in awe of how apple-pie-like it tastes, but it is also heavenly on it's own (if mega unhealthy).

So, in regards to school, I'm on the final lap - I'm taking my last undergraduate class EVER. But it's taking business marketing. Needless to say... it's not my favorite. But I think part of my bad attitude is the fact that this class is essentially the one thing standing between me and my wedding, time-wise.

I can't really complain, because time is going crazy fast. Like... I keep a little countdown to my wedding on the whiteboard by my bed. I feel like it said 60 days yesterday and now it says 39.

I apologize for being so prideful about rings.
Ian decided to get me one anyways haha.
I love it.
It's funny, every day it gets closer, I feel better about it - more excited, more peaceful, more in love. I think Ian's much the same - I can tell he's distracted because instead of studying for his full credit schedule like a madman, he's always looking for reasons to procrastinate - whether that's helping me look for jobs in Los Angeles, researching graduate schools near UCLA, or planning what to wear in our engagement photos or at the wedding. (Seriously, this is a big deal. Totally unlike him.)

Just a reminder - if you want an invite, please please put your address in at the following website:

Ah, life. :)

I'm also taking yoga. I took a research trip to Idaho last weekend, and we stopped by the spiral jetty. Phil (our professor) wants to start doing yoga, so Marta and I decided the tranquil, cloudy atmosphere in the spiral was the perfect location for a first lesson. It was epic.

Seriously. The spiral jetty is AWESOME. Go if you haven't!
But you don't have to do yoga... though I recommend it. ;)
Dunno why I look like such a grump.

So yep. There's your current update.

Tuesday, April 21

Prompts 5-8: I do what I want.

Well... okay. Here:

Sooo, I figured I'd do a bit of writing. :) And then I hit a bit of a roadblock.

Post 5: How do you get your kids to try new foods?

I'll just cut to the chase, I don't have kids. 0_o

Post 6: Where would you go on your perfect dream vacation?

Scotland. (Sorry, I don't feel like writing an entire post about this. I'd like to bike around Scotland and do some family history. See some castles. Life is good.)

Post 7: Write a post inspired by this word: Marriage.

I feel like there have been several previous posts and likely will be several future posts about this subject, so rest assured, you'll get your fill in the next few months. ;)

Post 8: What is the most memorable gift you have ever received?

This is a little more interesting. Got me thinking. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about gifts? 

I think of my American Girl Doll. 0_o Did any of you do American Girl? My favorite was Molly. ^_^ Mostly because she had glasses and I loved that. I'm not sure why...

Also, in the books, she desperately wants her hair to curl for a performance and her sister does these cool pin curls but then she gets sick because she's going around with her hair wet and she has to miss the performance anyways.

But while she's home sick and everyone is at the thing, her dad comes home from the war and she's the first who gets to see him. ^_^

I just love her haha, even now as I think about it. Strange, huh?

Anyways, finals are done so I'm on this kind of post-traumatic high. Life feels good! I'm taking my last class next term, hopefully finishing my thesis, taking yoga, and living the good 'ol planning-my-wedding life for the next two months.

In other news, I'm finally going to use the large pinterest board of mac and cheese recipes I've accumulated and make a new kind of mac and cheese every week. I'll report on how they go here. :)
Last Saturday was avocado mac and cheese. Pretty much guacamole mixed with the good stuff. It was freakin amazing. Even Leslie (who looked worriedly at it when I offered some) gave it a try and had two bowls. Lime and cilantro just love cheese, I guess. :)

Sunday, April 5

Prompt 4: Coveted Skills

What is the one thing you wish you knew how to do?

That's tough. One thing. 

I feel like every day I can come up with another new thing I wish I knew how to do.

Actually, that's probably more along the lines of coming up with things I know how to do and wish I knew how to make myself do more of. (See Prompt 1).

I wish I knew how to dance.

I remember at the end of my freshman year, I tried out for Color Guard. I hadn't the slightest idea what color guard was. I didn't know it involved the marching band. I didn't know we waved flags around the field. I didn't know that I'd get a beautiful collection of sunburn freckles, awkward tan-lines, and busted nerves in my hands, nor that my social life would be dominated by this "marching band" lifestyle that I would come to adopt and love for the duration of high school. 

Color guard was good to me. It gave me some of the closest friends I have, and the best memories. 

I remember after I tried out and made the team, I was "kidnapped" one night and driven blindfolded to a big slumber party with all the other members. We ate a lot of junk, I got to hear about all the marching band drama and gossip, I got to spend time with some of my good friends, and to end the night, we watched "Step Up."

Seriously ruined my life. I knew essentially nothing about dance. I hadn't really been exposed to much dance beyond the few things I picked up when performing in school musicals and doing choreography for choir numbers. But this was something different. I guess it seemed really powerful to me - how much expression could come from someone's body, how they could blend themselves with music - something I dearly loved.

Since then, I've had some opportunities to dance. Color guard gave me some dance experience. I took a few dance classes in college, but they were always difficult to manage around classes. I realized that it wasn't something I could become really good at or give adequate attention to while working part time, having a full schedule at school, and trying to do a thesis. 

So I did the hard (but probably smart) thing and put it away... or more accurately, on a backburner. 

Because this burning, secret, angsty desire to be a dancer has always festered inside of me. I feel like I'm past the point I can try to pick it up - that I'm going to get married and start a normal life with a family and career and stuff. 

But that isn't stopping me from signing up for a class this spring, haha.

Has this happened to anyone else? Am I just strange? :)

Monday, March 30

Thoughts, Rings, and Goats

     On Friday (as some of you know), Ian and I took a trip to Ephraim to attend the Utah Academy of Arts and Sciences conference so we could present some of the stuff we've been working on. But more importantly, we drove a bit further south to have dinner with my dad so we could spend some time with him, and also... so Ian could ask him for permission to marry me. 0.o

     When we got there, my dad needed to go feed a friend's goats, so I went with him and his wife Kathleen and her daughter Hunter. It's baby goat season crazy - there were 4 that had been born within the last two hours when we got there! There are always firsts. First time seeing a newborn goat, first time carrying a newborn goat by it's legs to a pen, and first time seeing a goat eat its own placenta.

     I guess that's what they do. Cool.

     On the way back, I mentioned to him that Ian was hoping to ask (mostly because I wasn't sure how we'd bring it up anyways). He thought about it for a moment, and then asked me what he should say. He wanted to know "Why do you like him?" My response was quick - I mean, considering the decision to marry him myself, I've given that a lot of thought.

     "I like who I am around him. I like who he helps me to be. I am more comfortable around him than anyone else. I trust him."

     My dad nodded and said that was a good response. He decided to say yes.

     "But," he said giving me a significant look, "I'm going to point outside to Daisy" (his cow) "and say: 'Ian, what do you think I'd do to someone who was messin with my cow?' and Ian will say: 'you'd hurt him?' and I'll say 'yes. And I love my Beth infinitely more than that cow.'"

     We all laughed at that... but I could tell he was serious. Luckily, he didn't end up sharing that warning with Ian. Perhaps he trusts him more than I thought.

     As the evening drew to a close, and we needed to get going, my dad brought it up and Ian officially "asked" him if we could get married. He gave his consent. Ian asked him if he had any advice for him. They talked for a bit.

     It was sweet. :)

     Later we drove through the windy dark highways of southern Utah, trying not to think about deer jumping out in front of our car. We were listening to The Smiths, complaining occasionally about people who wouldn't turn off their brights.

     "So... are we engaged?" I asked thoughtfully. After a moment, Ian smiled and said "yes."

And that's that. :)

     No, we're not going to get an engagement ring.
     No, I'm not expecting him to put something together to propose to me.
     Yes, we'll have a luncheon after we get sealed.  
     Yes, we'll go to Cuba for a month and have a wonderful time.
     Yes, when we get back we'll have a reception.

     Is it wrong for us to put a few things aside?

     The ring is the hard thing. When I tell people I'm engaged, they ask to see it or to hear how he proposed and, though they are genuinely excited for me to be engaged, I can see their excitement deflate a little when I explain that we aren't doing a ring or that he didn't actually propose to me...

     Rest assured, I feel perfectly happy with things how they are. I don't feel like he's under-valuing me. I love that he trusts me enough to discuss things with me and that we can - together - decide to forgo the ring.

     I just want everyone to know that he loves me - and I guess it's hard to show that to others when I don't have hard proof. . . I never realized how difficult that would be, or how much society relies on a ring or an elaborate proposal story to determine something like that.

     But please believe me! He does. :)

I'm engaged!!

Thursday, March 26

Prompt 3: Parental Advice

Tell us about one piece of advice your parents gave you that still sticks with you today.
When I think of advice my parents have given me, I categorize them differently. 

My dad's "advice" per say was pretty far and in-between when I was younger - as far as I remember. My parents divorced when I was 12 or so, and I feel like the time when I would have been receiving the most advice passed without frequent interaction with him. But the advice he has given me stands clearly in my mind.

Before I served as a missionary, he explicitly told me that I needed to accept that others had the right to choose, and that some people just wouldn't want to accept the Gospel - not because they didn't believe it, but because they just legitimately wouldn't want to live according to it.

This is a good example of "fatherly advice" to me. My dad is a scholar of the scriptures. When he wakes up at 4 am with arthritic pains in his back, he generally turns to studying them. He is always eager to share his insights and his ideas. His main motivation, I think, if to make sure I don't misunderstand God's plan and that I don't fall into standard, possibly incorrect patterns of thinking that are prevalent and cultural. So, generally, advice from my dad comes in the form of spiritual clarification and thoughts.

My mom's advice stems, I think, from her desire to prevent me from repeating bad experiences she's had. She also gives me advice she's not intending to. By staying faithful to her covenants, she's given me the best advice I've ever received - that the Gospel works. :) Her advice literally influences me every single day.

For example:

  • Cover boiling pots so they will heat up faster.
  • Love Christmas.
  • Have bird feeders.
  • Admit when you've done wrong.
  • Don't leave the oven or your curling iron on in an empty house. 
  • Eat cookie dough.
  • Tell people they are beautiful. 
  • Pray for answers - and then don't doubt the answers you've received.
  • Scotland is amazing.
  • You can always find the strength to keep going.
  • Garden garden garden. 
  • Big, lovely trees are priceless.
  • Motherhood isn't something you can fail if you're trying your best. 
  • Take pride and joy in being organized and clean.
  • Don't punish those you love for their mistakes.

I get a little teary as I write these. I love my mum dearly. I know her imperfections as well as anyone, but . . .

Brigham Young said:

"Those who do right, and seek the glory of the Father in heaven, whether their knowledge be little or much, or whether they can do little or much, if they do the very best they know how, they are perfect. 'Be ye as perfect as ye can,' for that is all we can do, though it is written, 'Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.' To be as perfect as we possibly can, according to our knowledge, is to be just as perfect as our Father in heaven is. He cannot be any more perfect than He knows how, any more than we. When we are doing as well as we know how in the sphere and station which we occupy here, we are justified."

This always makes me think of my mum.
She is perfect to me.

So how about you? Any advice? :)

Tuesday, March 17

Prompt 2: Reading List

What’s on your reading list for 2015?

Actually, I'm trying to repair my reading habits this year. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but due to homework and work schedules, since I began college, my "free time" activities have slowly moved from reading to less useful or even enjoyable hobbies. (Think youtube/other internet stuff/etc.)

So . . . was sitting on Pinterest the other day when I realized how long it had been since I'd read a good book for fun, not school.

Too long!

Suddenly I started to realize that I have more free time than I think. . . it just gets spent doing random stuff. Things I used to love - that I found rewarding - have become a thing of the past. I get home, I spit out my homework, and then I spend my last minutes staring at my computer screen.

Cooking/baking is also on this list of things that I love and that I have let slide away from me. 

Sad. :(

So I am trying to recode my brain to use free time a little more wisely.

SO this is a fun post to think about, because I am legitimately trying to work on this. So here are a few books on my mind right now - hopefully more to come. (And I am definitely open to suggestions!)

Beth's reading list for 2015 (so far).

A few of my choices are on American Scholar's list of neglected classics. Most of them are foreign (hence they've been neglected). They Were Counted is what I am reading currently, so I'll mention what I'm thinking about it. It's a Hungarian novel about a man named Balint and his cousin László, both Transylvanian. I'm not too far, so I can't tell you much about it. But it focuses on pre-1914 Hungary, and the situation of the upper class. It reminds me a bit of Downton Abbey, mostly because there's underlying intrigue and corruption. Balint seems a good man with pure intentions, trying to deal with his position. 

Anyways, this novel is very descriptive (which I love). There is enough detail to transport you to each scene. Each character's perspective will draw you into their memories, their worries, and their desires. There are two more books following this one, and I am already planning to read them. :)

Grosland and I attended a seminar on financial stability the other day, and one of the speakers suggested we all read this book. It's definitely the first financial book I've felt comfortable reading. There's no pressure to take risks or overturn your life - it's really a book about coming to terms with your values and your financial health, and creating better habits. Really enjoyable so far. :) I recommend it if you're in the mood to improve your finances without feeling anxious.

A compilation of short stories. I've read one of them, and I loved it. So I figure it can't hurt to read the rest. 

A history of our eating habits, pretty much. I've had several professors recommend this one. It addresses issues related to processed and organic food, among other things.

Another neglected classic. Looks fun!

So that's five of them. I have a few more, but my list is pretty open right now.

Suggestions? Or have you found yourself disregarding hobbies that you love?

Wednesday, March 11

Prompt 1: Goals

What are your 2015 goals? Blogging, relationships, financial, fitness or any other goals you have.

I wish I understood how goals and habits really work. I feel like I can set a goal to establish a good habit a billion times over and then, suddenly, it will click. I'll start living up to it. I'll feel good/proud of myself for having the strength to change. 

And then it will stop. Something will turn off. It's like there is a dashboard in my brain and the little Beths inside randomly get bored of having a particular goal turned on, so one of them will flip it back off. And this "change" I hoped to see in myself - and had seen for many months - is gone. I go back to how I was before.

Have you ever experienced this? Sometimes I feel as though I don't really have power over myself at all. This is particularly true of exercise, and good study habits (school or scriptural).

Here are things I feel like I've permanently changed about myself by setting goals and keeping up with them:
  • Flossing regularly
. . . a little depressing. But interesting. How on earth did this get on that list? And where is everything else? Is there anything else? I can't think of anything . . . 

Here is a different list, things I've seen myself change for a month or more, but that haven't lasted beyond 4 months:
  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating a balanced/controlled diet
  • Avoiding "time-wasting" internet activities
  • Writing regularly in a journal
  • Doing all the reading for my classes
  • Spending less/budgeting
  • Visiting/writing loved ones
  • Spending time studying family history
  • Scriptures/prayer/etc (you know the drill)
  • Seeing old friends more often
  • Probably everything else.
  • Think before I speak, and never speak critically to or of others.
Really, I am currently working a lot of random things and - to some degree - everything above. I guess ultimately I have a goal to see myself clearly and to not feel negatively for all the habits I pick up and drop. Because, sad as it is that I stop doing good things, at least I did them (and reaped the benefits) for a little while . . .

How do you feel about goal setting? What habits have you been able to successfully establish in your life? 

Sunday, March 8

March Madness . . . Temple Style

Ian has finally decided what temple he wants to get married in. 

Meaning, he isn't going to choose. 

We are leaving it up to chance.

We are making a list of our potential temples (about 8-12).

We are making an NCAA tournament style bracket with all of the temples.

We will battle all of them with dice.

This will take place next Sunday for March Madness.

Thoughts? :) 

Thursday, March 5

31 Posts and Science

I just found a list of blogging prompts when I was perusing another blog. I've been wanting to write more lately, but my desire stops right about there - I can't think of anything to write. Sometimes I'll get an idea and start writing about it and then just stop because I get bored of it.

SO, as an exercise, I'm going to try and write about each of these topics. Not every day, but maybe once or twice a week. Just for fun. And to get my mind off of my work. :P

Speaking of which, here's where I'm at in my research currently:

When I say I babysit fungus, I completely mean it. There are about 8 varieties I am currently keeping alive. These guys "eat" the nutrients in the dish they are on, as they grow to fill it. Once they finish what they have, they tend to go dormant (sort of like hibernation), often by making little structures called sclerotia that just "live" without doing anything until more nutrients become available.

Sad thing is, sometimes it's really hard to wake them back up, even if you give them everything they need. So everytime they reach the edge of the dish, you cut out a little piece and put it in the center of another one.

They each have an identity. :)

The fungi we are watching serve a very specific purpose - they inhibit cheatgrass growth. Cheatgrass is a weed that can take over acres of wilderness because they have so many advantages over other plants. Scientists (like the ones I work for) are battling to find some way to overcome those advantages so we can keep utah looking like this:

Instead of this:
It's a little pretty... but this color lasts a short while before the grass puts out seeds, turns yellow, and dies... at which point it is a lovely start for a wildfire that kills everything else around it! Then next spring... the cheatgrass seeds are ready to go.

So most of what I do involves growing large quantities of fungi on cheatgrass seeds . . .
Yum. :)
Using science to "extract" the toxins that the fungi is using to kill the cheatgrass . . .

Yes, I blend it up with chemicals. Science.
And then testing those chemicals to figure out which ones are actually hurting the grass. We do that in a few ways, but right now we grow little seedlings of cheatgrass and then immerse their roots in the toxin:

And after.

These are what the toxins look like by the time we've purified them. My favorite fungus, which we call "Frosty" (its real name is Epicoccum nigrum but that's too much to worry about). Frosty produces vivid yellow stain that - seriously - dyes the glasswhere I use and all of my equipment (and the floor if I spill it) bright yellow! Cool little guy. :) Anyways. 

Thursday, February 19

Polls are in!


Strange to know where I will spend the next 5 years of my life. 0_o Especially since it's a place I haven't been to since choir tour during High School . . .

It's funny, when Ian first started applying to schools, I felt was least excited about LA. I've never been tempted to live in California. Seriously, ever. I don't understand the appeal. My European blood loves cold and mountains and wet.

But, as Frollo says, "Our Lord works in mysterious ways..."
I am beginning to feel okay with it. Nay, excited. This is going to be an adventure!


(By the way, there is an appalling amount of fan art of Frollo online. That man deserves no fan art.)

Friday, January 30

How the Internet Has Changed My Brain

Today I was "g-chat"ing Ian. I was trying to fill out graduation forms online (yAy!) and I decided to graduate and walk in August. So, I opened up the form to notify the department of when I wanted to walk.

Name you want to be read at graduation:
Beth Black

But wait. Actually, now that I think about it... 

Beth Peacock

Ugh. That sounds so strange. Should I just assume we'll be married by then? I mean, odds are definitely in my favor (heh). 

I message Ian: Will we be married by graduation? It only just occurred to me that I need to know so my diploma/etc will be correct.

Alas, he's busy and doesn't respond. And I am perturbed.

Thoughts start to cross my mind.

What do I need to do to get that changed officially? Or even just at BYU?
Is that really going to be my name?
How do people usually decide to take their husband's name? I mean, I've always expected to.
Does that statistically damage a relationship? To not take their last name?
Can I give myself a middle name when I change my name?

I hover over my chemistry homework for a moment more, and then open a Google tab and start doing a search on some of the above questions.

Did you catch that? Isn't that WEIRD?

I assume that a few decades ago, one would have these same thoughts. But would they act on them? Search them out? My attitude towards knowledge is completely focused on my access to the internet! My brain doesn't go: "oh, I don't know that. I'll have to check that later when I have the resources." My brain goes: "I don't know that... but I as good as know it, give me a second" *takes over my bodily functions to take advantage of the internet*

Okay, I guess it's not as weird as I suddenly felt like it was.

But seriously.

Friday, January 9

Winter Semester 2015

Augh! Classes! But awesome classes. I have several outrageously enthusiastic professors, which might be a blessing . . . I mean, I need all the enthusiasm I can get! (I will blog about this again when I have footage.)

First, with my updated plans, this will be my last on-campus semester. I was going to take a few classes Spring, but I've decided that those classes can come when I move on to grad school. I do need to take business marketing (yeah, when will I use that one?) so I will take it independent study during the summer and graduate in August after Cuba. :)

Does that sound like a good plan? I think it sounds AMAZING. Then I will be free to work for most of the summer. It will be glorious, especially if I get married during that time.

So... hmm. Here are my classes.

Chem 106
And chem goes on! 0_o Everyone I talk to says that this chem is easier than 105, and I keep praying it will be. Professor Macedone has a different sort of policy on his testing and teaching, and as a result I will have 13 exams in this class. When I first saw this, I was horrified. But, seriously, think about it! One of my weaknesses in chem is keeping each chapter's details straight AND being patient enough to test for 4 hours. Taking a mini-exam (like an hour) after each chapter should eliminate both of these issues. I have high hopes for this one. :)

Chem 107 
This is a lab-oriented class. We've finally reached the level where I need my own UVEX Flex technology hawtty-cakes goggles and lab coat. Seems like a reasonable class, and I do love lab...

uvex Flex technology hawtty-cakes goggles

Philosophy 202
My last general ed class. *many tears* I have not taken a humanities class in . . . ages. (Well, semesters.) So this should be fun. I've also never taken anything in philosophy ever. Ever. So here's hoping I find some natural talent because I'm going to need it . . . Maybe I can learn to relate with Ian . . . or at least argue sufficiently with him.

(Side note: almost every time I argue with Ian, as soon as I am gaining some ground, he says something like: "But... can anybody be said to really know anything?" or "Does _______ even exist?" with this ponderous, FRUSTRATING expression that I know means the argument I was winning has now ceased to exist in existential terms.)

Genetics 320
I'm not going to lie. Last semester's microbiology course slaughtered me. True, I hadn't taken the prerequisites, but still. I was nearly devastated to see a subject that I thought was fascinating and driving turn into something that I felt incapable of learning. I did pass, however, and I was able to sign up for this class. Let me just say, it is a 180! Our class is small, and the professor teaches so clearly that I am catching up on things I couldn't grasp in molecular bio. And it's only the first week. This class may turn into a nightmare, but for now I am reveling in loving genetics again.

Plant Physiology 440
Pretty much what it says. And frankly, not that exciting to me. Moving on.

Business Management Entrepreneurship Lecture Series
This is for my business minor. It's a one credit class in which entrepreneurs come and talk to us. I'm a little peeved, because I signed up for a class about "women" entrepreneurs, which may have felt a little less irrelevant to my life, but someone messed up something and the section I'm in is actually for technological entrepreneurs.


I can't switch, so I guess I'm going to spend an hour a week networking with and listening to technological entrepreneurs. Yay...

But yeah, that's my life right now. :) Not as bad as I thought it would be. Of course, it's only the first week...

Sunday, January 4

Afraid. Hopeful.

Winter semester. I can honestly say I have never been so anxious at the start of a new semester as I am now. Last semester, I finished weakly, carving my grades (including my first C) out of the jumbled, rocky remains of what became easily the most aggravating semester of my life. Sometimes you don't live up to your expectations I guess. Often, even. When I saw my grades I just closed my computer and took a nap.

I want to say that I will improve here on out, but most of my classes are building on the ones I just finished. I will get through, I am certain. But I guess my faith in my scientific capacities has been shaken.

One of the wise women in my life prayerfully chooses a word each year to focus on, sort of as a guide to help her examine and understand her life in the coming year. Her word this year is "heal." When I read her post I was overcome with a desire for a word of my own-there seems to be something so wonderful about it.

So I prayed thoughtfully over the last few weeks. This morning, I was writing a narrative in my journal about one of the difficulties I am currently coming to terms with. I wrote a sentence and one word leapt out, and I felt excitement flood through me.

This year, my word shall be clarity.

More about this to come.

I guess that's all I wanted to talk about. Hope you all have a wonderful new year! :)

FYE, Ian and I took Santa pictures again: