Wednesday, March 11

Prompt 1: Goals

What are your 2015 goals? Blogging, relationships, financial, fitness or any other goals you have.

I wish I understood how goals and habits really work. I feel like I can set a goal to establish a good habit a billion times over and then, suddenly, it will click. I'll start living up to it. I'll feel good/proud of myself for having the strength to change. 

And then it will stop. Something will turn off. It's like there is a dashboard in my brain and the little Beths inside randomly get bored of having a particular goal turned on, so one of them will flip it back off. And this "change" I hoped to see in myself - and had seen for many months - is gone. I go back to how I was before.

Have you ever experienced this? Sometimes I feel as though I don't really have power over myself at all. This is particularly true of exercise, and good study habits (school or scriptural).

Here are things I feel like I've permanently changed about myself by setting goals and keeping up with them:
  • Flossing regularly
. . . a little depressing. But interesting. How on earth did this get on that list? And where is everything else? Is there anything else? I can't think of anything . . . 

Here is a different list, things I've seen myself change for a month or more, but that haven't lasted beyond 4 months:
  • Exercising regularly
  • Eating a balanced/controlled diet
  • Avoiding "time-wasting" internet activities
  • Writing regularly in a journal
  • Doing all the reading for my classes
  • Spending less/budgeting
  • Visiting/writing loved ones
  • Spending time studying family history
  • Scriptures/prayer/etc (you know the drill)
  • Seeing old friends more often
  • Probably everything else.
  • Think before I speak, and never speak critically to or of others.
Really, I am currently working a lot of random things and - to some degree - everything above. I guess ultimately I have a goal to see myself clearly and to not feel negatively for all the habits I pick up and drop. Because, sad as it is that I stop doing good things, at least I did them (and reaped the benefits) for a little while . . .

How do you feel about goal setting? What habits have you been able to successfully establish in your life? 

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