Thursday, March 26

Prompt 3: Parental Advice

Tell us about one piece of advice your parents gave you that still sticks with you today.
When I think of advice my parents have given me, I categorize them differently. 

My dad's "advice" per say was pretty far and in-between when I was younger - as far as I remember. My parents divorced when I was 12 or so, and I feel like the time when I would have been receiving the most advice passed without frequent interaction with him. But the advice he has given me stands clearly in my mind.

Before I served as a missionary, he explicitly told me that I needed to accept that others had the right to choose, and that some people just wouldn't want to accept the Gospel - not because they didn't believe it, but because they just legitimately wouldn't want to live according to it.

This is a good example of "fatherly advice" to me. My dad is a scholar of the scriptures. When he wakes up at 4 am with arthritic pains in his back, he generally turns to studying them. He is always eager to share his insights and his ideas. His main motivation, I think, if to make sure I don't misunderstand God's plan and that I don't fall into standard, possibly incorrect patterns of thinking that are prevalent and cultural. So, generally, advice from my dad comes in the form of spiritual clarification and thoughts.

My mom's advice stems, I think, from her desire to prevent me from repeating bad experiences she's had. She also gives me advice she's not intending to. By staying faithful to her covenants, she's given me the best advice I've ever received - that the Gospel works. :) Her advice literally influences me every single day.

For example:

  • Cover boiling pots so they will heat up faster.
  • Love Christmas.
  • Have bird feeders.
  • Admit when you've done wrong.
  • Don't leave the oven or your curling iron on in an empty house. 
  • Eat cookie dough.
  • Tell people they are beautiful. 
  • Pray for answers - and then don't doubt the answers you've received.
  • Scotland is amazing.
  • You can always find the strength to keep going.
  • Garden garden garden. 
  • Big, lovely trees are priceless.
  • Motherhood isn't something you can fail if you're trying your best. 
  • Take pride and joy in being organized and clean.
  • Don't punish those you love for their mistakes.

I get a little teary as I write these. I love my mum dearly. I know her imperfections as well as anyone, but . . .

Brigham Young said:

"Those who do right, and seek the glory of the Father in heaven, whether their knowledge be little or much, or whether they can do little or much, if they do the very best they know how, they are perfect. 'Be ye as perfect as ye can,' for that is all we can do, though it is written, 'Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.' To be as perfect as we possibly can, according to our knowledge, is to be just as perfect as our Father in heaven is. He cannot be any more perfect than He knows how, any more than we. When we are doing as well as we know how in the sphere and station which we occupy here, we are justified."

This always makes me think of my mum.
She is perfect to me.

So how about you? Any advice? :)


Leslie Kunz said...

What a beautiful tribute to your sweet mother. It says a lot about you too, my lovely niece.

Tairsa said...

This post was a ray of sunshine this morning. Thanks for your consistently positive outlook on life.

Elise N Black said...

Beth, you are really something!! Love you sweetie!!