Sunday, April 5

Prompt 4: Coveted Skills

What is the one thing you wish you knew how to do?

That's tough. One thing. 

I feel like every day I can come up with another new thing I wish I knew how to do.

Actually, that's probably more along the lines of coming up with things I know how to do and wish I knew how to make myself do more of. (See Prompt 1).

I wish I knew how to dance.

I remember at the end of my freshman year, I tried out for Color Guard. I hadn't the slightest idea what color guard was. I didn't know it involved the marching band. I didn't know we waved flags around the field. I didn't know that I'd get a beautiful collection of sunburn freckles, awkward tan-lines, and busted nerves in my hands, nor that my social life would be dominated by this "marching band" lifestyle that I would come to adopt and love for the duration of high school. 

Color guard was good to me. It gave me some of the closest friends I have, and the best memories. 

I remember after I tried out and made the team, I was "kidnapped" one night and driven blindfolded to a big slumber party with all the other members. We ate a lot of junk, I got to hear about all the marching band drama and gossip, I got to spend time with some of my good friends, and to end the night, we watched "Step Up."

Seriously ruined my life. I knew essentially nothing about dance. I hadn't really been exposed to much dance beyond the few things I picked up when performing in school musicals and doing choreography for choir numbers. But this was something different. I guess it seemed really powerful to me - how much expression could come from someone's body, how they could blend themselves with music - something I dearly loved.

Since then, I've had some opportunities to dance. Color guard gave me some dance experience. I took a few dance classes in college, but they were always difficult to manage around classes. I realized that it wasn't something I could become really good at or give adequate attention to while working part time, having a full schedule at school, and trying to do a thesis. 

So I did the hard (but probably smart) thing and put it away... or more accurately, on a backburner. 

Because this burning, secret, angsty desire to be a dancer has always festered inside of me. I feel like I'm past the point I can try to pick it up - that I'm going to get married and start a normal life with a family and career and stuff. 

But that isn't stopping me from signing up for a class this spring, haha.

Has this happened to anyone else? Am I just strange? :)

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