Sunday, May 10

Enough of that...

I'm abandoning my list of prompts, I hope you don't mind.

Hello! Yay! Spring semester.

First off, happy Mother's Day. :) I hope yours was a good as mine. (That isn't to say I received motherly honors, but I enjoyed spending time with mine.)

Mother's Day Bouquet 
I haven't kept my mac and cheese promise, I'm sorry. :( This week I will repent. I did make yummy zucchini lasagna for dinner tonight for mothers day. Mum found a recipe for a "mock apple pie" used during the depression - you use ritz crackers and a sour lemon-cinnamon sauce for the inside. No apples at all (I assume they were hard to come by.)

Let's just say we are not only in awe of how apple-pie-like it tastes, but it is also heavenly on it's own (if mega unhealthy).

So, in regards to school, I'm on the final lap - I'm taking my last undergraduate class EVER. But it's taking business marketing. Needless to say... it's not my favorite. But I think part of my bad attitude is the fact that this class is essentially the one thing standing between me and my wedding, time-wise.

I can't really complain, because time is going crazy fast. Like... I keep a little countdown to my wedding on the whiteboard by my bed. I feel like it said 60 days yesterday and now it says 39.

I apologize for being so prideful about rings.
Ian decided to get me one anyways haha.
I love it.
It's funny, every day it gets closer, I feel better about it - more excited, more peaceful, more in love. I think Ian's much the same - I can tell he's distracted because instead of studying for his full credit schedule like a madman, he's always looking for reasons to procrastinate - whether that's helping me look for jobs in Los Angeles, researching graduate schools near UCLA, or planning what to wear in our engagement photos or at the wedding. (Seriously, this is a big deal. Totally unlike him.)

Just a reminder - if you want an invite, please please put your address in at the following website:

Ah, life. :)

I'm also taking yoga. I took a research trip to Idaho last weekend, and we stopped by the spiral jetty. Phil (our professor) wants to start doing yoga, so Marta and I decided the tranquil, cloudy atmosphere in the spiral was the perfect location for a first lesson. It was epic.

Seriously. The spiral jetty is AWESOME. Go if you haven't!
But you don't have to do yoga... though I recommend it. ;)
Dunno why I look like such a grump.

So yep. There's your current update.