pitatewer [pee-tuh-toor]
1. My blog.
2. A word that is very fun to say.
3. when the mind has reached it's creative limit, it turns to most unexpected sources.
4. Boys A: think too hard, B: have too much time on their disposal, and C: too many sources.
5. to frustrate.
6. to amuse oneself thoroughly with being frustrating.
7. to play something up too much.
Origin: Over my dead, cold, withered corpse.

I treat this blog like a journal, so feel free to peruse...

but please don't be offended if I am not particularly entertaining. I feel like I am terrible at recording life on a consistent basis, but I'm always grateful when I can go back and relive things. :) As they say, "you write to taste life twice."

I really don't know what else to say...
I've lived in Utah my whole life. It's beautiful here - when I leave, I am homesick for mountains. I spent a year and a half as a missionary in Wisconsin. It is beautiful there as well. I secretly wish I had an accent.

Right now I'm occupied with preparing for graduation (in August! WHOO), and getting ready to marry Mr. Ian Peacock (pictured alien-style below). He's been accepted into the PhD sociology program at UCLA, so we're about to embark on an adventure. I've always been a suburb girl, so I'm anxious to see how I'll transition. 

For your information:

1. I do my homework on my bed wrapped in a blanket.
2. I have a creepy cat that will come and yowl outside the window. Sometimes I pretend it's the ghost of my recently deceased Rose to creep myself out.
3. I think fungus is pretty. (I study all kinds.) I want to publish a book of fungal art.
4. My favorite Disney character is Merlin. Or Esmerelda. Or every short/fat fatherly character (heaven knows there are many.) I identify with all.
5. If I could drop everything I was doing and run away with unlimited funding, I would go to a famous culinary school.
6. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters, a half brother, and a step-sister. I'm a middle child.
7. I pretend to have jedi powers when doors open automatically. (Sometimes with hand movements.)
8. When I laugh or smile in a legitimate way, my eyes essentially close. It's kind of a disease.
9. I can't use the same kind of shampoo for more than half a bottle straight. I get too bored.
10. I want to study genetics because they are AWESOME.

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